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For the Architects in the Crowd


Hi all, my wife is working on her portfolio for admission into an architecture programme. We're looking for examples of portfolio suggestions (i.e. portfolios that you would think are good) as well as resources one can suggest for making a good one here. She did her undergrad in architecture in India and I know next to nothing about requirements for arch programmes here. Any ideas/suggestions?



Has she worked as an Architect previously? Example of work, also anything that showcases high spatial awareness and drawing ability, and drawings that exhibit a unique creative sense.


Was there no instruction on setting up one's portfolio in the undergrad program?

Do an online search.

Here are some examples:





Depends on the type of program she is trying for. If her goal is a practical school to then go for license she should focus on showing hand drawings and illustrations of the basic building parts:

Plan, Section, Elevation, Axonometric

Since she's coming from overseas she can afford to be a bit more creative because most likely she's going to have to do a 2 year or even 3 year Master's, I doubt they're going to accept a lot of her stuff.

Here is my portfolio and a few portfolios of friends of mine, I finished the degree in Architecture but do more graphic design work:

A lot of my friends don't have any online portfolio I can show you but that should help. If you're stuck on the actual creation and ideas for the portfolio drop me a line and I can offer you more personalized advice. I taught the portfolio design course back when I was in university after the instructor realized I knew more than he did about graphic design and print.


Oh I should mention Alex was a roommate and friend in college, it really stepped up his game working for Spine3D. I believe JSinis (Jimmy) is currently working for Spine3D while Alex has moved on and does his own thing.

Another site certainly worth checking out.