For TampaTerry: First meal after

TT, I know you are a big fan of “fasted state cardio” while supplementing with BCAA’s and Glutamine. After that is done, how long do you wait till your next meal, and what macronutrient breakdown do you prefer for this meal ? If possible, please provide some sample meals.
Thank you very much for all your help and contributions to this board.


Hey, Stu!!!

I eat IMMEDIATELY after my FS cardio session, IMMEDIATELY after my weight-bearing exercises and IMMEDIATELY after any PM cardio session I might do on non-weight-bearing exercise days.

As a general rule (and there are times I’ve adjusted this because of energy levels), I like to take in my carbs in the two meals PWO; one liquid, one whole-food. If energy levels are all right, I’m inclined to eat ALL P+F meals on days I don’t lift.

My P+F meals aren’t terribly exciting, but they’re fast and easy to make with my George Foreman Grill.

  • Lamb + flaxseed oil
  • Lean hamburger meat + (mayo & salsa mix/topping/sauce)
  • Chicken breast + flaxseed oil (sometimes over lettuce w/ Walden Farms dressing; no calories/carbs/fat in the dressing!!!)
  • Fresh salmon + flaxseed oil
  • Canned tunna + fish oil (6g EPA/DHA)
  • Soft boiled eggs
  • Protein powder + flaxseed oil

P+C (liquid) is always Surge.

P+C (whole food) is always a steel-cut oatmeal & spelt berry combo; VERY chewy! The protein in that meal is always protein powder. This is no sacrifice. My oatmeal is my FAVORITE meal of the whole day. I even eat the oatmeal combo above on my cheat afternoon by choice.

Cheat meals/afternoons are an absolute carb bonanza; chocolate, baklava, sweet potato casserole, brianni (Indian rice dish), Sag Paneer (Indian spinach dish with cottage cheese cubes), chcolate cake.

Protein and fat are easy to calculate. Those numbers rarely vary from day to day, no matter what my goals. The magic and the opportunity to manipulate body composition lies in how, when and what type of carbs are ingested.

The weaknesses in my diet are the fact that I don’t get enough green veggie carbs or fruit. My diet by choice is highly regimented and restricted, but I’m covering some serious ground in short order. I do supplement with a good multi, and I will be expanding my food choices in the next month and a half.

Is that what you were looking for?