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For Size: Volume vs Movement


Hey Jim,

I know you don’t like questions about assistance but this one has me puzzled and can’t find a definitive answer in any of your writings…

What’s more important (in terms of hypertrophy) the volume you prescribe or the movement you prescribe?

Let’s say for example I’m running your building the monolith template. Day one is 100 Chins but I suck at chins and can only handle 50 chins per workout.

Do I reduce the volume by 50% in order to stick with the movement or do I downgrade to an easier movement say lat pull downs in order to get the 100 rep volume?

Appreciate any advice you can offer.



Are you asking specifically this example or “in general”?

I advise everyone to do the program as written.


I was asking in general but that specific example is what brought on the question

But like you said I should just run the programme as written.



There is no general answer as there are too many variables. People will see “Squat - 1x20” and then do leg extensions. By extending a general idea will always do more harm than good in this circumstance.


Progress makes you bigger. Work to improve those chins from 50 to 100.