for people who know Ian King's methods

For anyone who knows Ian King’s methods, when he wants the workout to be 45 minutes or less from the work set, does that include control drills like rotator cuffs or ab work (which you might do before the warm-up sets of your first main exercise)?

As long as rotator cuff and control/stability drills are of low intensity, Ian does not count them in the total volume of the exercise session. Abdominal work though should be accounted for.

Good answer.

What about low-intensity aerobics(65-70% HR)? Does he include this in his 1 hr limit? I have the book, but, he doesn’t touch much on aerobics in general, and I thought you or someone might know. Thanks.

Low intensity aerobics are part of the warm up so that doesn’t count.

Hes not really a big fan of cardio. But he doesnt believe a moderate amout is that bad. John Berardi and Cy include it at the end of their workouts. I dont see anything wrong with that. If i didnt have extra cheerleading workouts during the week I would probably do it that way too.