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[quote]mertdawg wrote:
Atreides wrote:
Why do you want a leg raise?

they are almost useless…

Are you guys talking about hanging leg raises for the hip flexors and abs? I don’t think those are useless if you rotate your pelvis up. Louie Simmons wrote a lot about doing hanging leg raises for the abs. Leg extensions do more harm than good though IMO.

I thought the poster was talking about a leg extension machine- which is worthless.

I don’t know what ‘machine’ would would need for a hanging legs raise.

The arm slings to save your shoulders would be pretty cheap (to do the leg raises).


For 1 Arm Rows and DB Inclines/DB Bench.

OMG, haven’t read through the replies yet but I noticed I put leg raise instead of calf raise machine!

[quote]Joe Weider wrote:
mertdawg: how far apart do you have the 2 bys when you dip, and if you don’t have them the full extension of the rack…I think it’s around 40 inches how do you keep them there?
When I bought my rack Arcidi was selling it for the same price as the internet, this was last summer. There’s a lower one that’s around 300. Mostly I wanted to be able to tell people I was buying stuff from one of the strongest guys ever.
If you check around you can find used stuff. Arcidi has a pretty good business selling used stuff–when I was buying the rack I wanted to get the cable attachment, he sold me a Buckeye lat machine for $100 less than the Bodysolid unit.
Are those db’s you got the powerblock? [/quote]

Man Joe, don’t you have your own equipment line???