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For or Against Test Prop?

Hey everyone , after 2-3 years of training and working out naturally I’ve never really got the results I wanted as far as a great physique (8-10% body fat ) I’m currently around 17-18% body fat with a decent amount of muscle mass and I just can’t seam to get over that wall , I’m considering a Test prop cycle such as
Test prop cycle ( 8 weeks )
Week 1-6
750 mg test enanthate frontload at the first day of cycle
250 mg of test E 3 times a week
250iu HCH 3 x a week
0.7 mg letrozol daily

Week 7
100mg test prop 3x that week
250 iu of hcg mon and wendsday that week
0.7 mg letrozol everyday that week

Week 8
100 mg of test prop mon&wed
0.7 mg of letrozol mon&wed

Week 9-12
Clomid and nolvadex

Height 5’10
Weight 168

What gains could I expect and what are somethings I should potentially have to worry about after the cycle is over , is it addictive ? Will I keep my gains ? What weight should I start the cycle at ?


You can’t get your ducks in a row with diet and exercise but you thing adding drugs to the mix will help?

Good luck.

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I didn’t mention any exercise or diet habits in my topic question , pretty unuseful and broad comment my man haha

Get your diet and training figured out first.

Diet and training regimine is fine been tracking macros and following strict exercise routines , just looking for insight involved with the questions I asked , thanks

If you can’t get below 20% bodyfat with your current diet, steroids aren’t going to help you.

Oh okay ty got it should I get under 20 is that goal before I start looking into a cycle

You didn’t have to. 5’10 at 168 and 20 to 22 percent says it all.

My man. Haha.


You know that we can see those edits, right?


Yes , want to get info for the correct body fat percentage for when I reach my goal of that %

Usually body fat % is a byproduct of the demonstrable knowledge and experience one has gained through (at least) several years of regimented diet and exercise. Drugs then become the next logical step in that progression, not the other way around.

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