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for Mr.Roberts

Bill, enjoying the T2 effects without the ECA type buzz… but to accellerate the effects my last 2week and1/2 I am going to add one to the T2.

I have 3/4 bottle of a product I tried a year ago but gave up cause I really feel uncomfortable with the yohimbe in it. I think I’ll suck it up and do it.
The question I have is this product has ‘diodothyronine’ in it…is this different in any appreciable way from whats in T2 (#1) and can it be used in conjnction with T2? Thanks.

Yes, diiodothyronine is T2.

Adding it to the new T2 Pro would be a good stack. Adding it to the old T2 would only
be equivalent to taking more T2.

Hey is that right T2 doesn’t result in the same buzz or nervous feeling that comes with the ECA products? How did you feel and how do you typically react to ECA? Also, is this the old T2 or T2Pro?