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For MomentoMori


"I'm a good looking, articualate guy who isn't a jerk to girls, but they won't have sex with me. How come?"


maybe he should pay the door man $120 to get into a nightclub... I'm sure he'd get laid then


Lol Good one, maybe he would. Actually the first post is me talking. Like I'm the one complaining about not getting laid. So...




Check out the "Club Savvy" thread. OP presented a number of dumb ideas on how he can get into a club underage and we roasted him for it. His description of the kind of club he'd be going to was particularly pompous and in the end, Mori suggested he'd started a thread like this very soon.


So let's see... someone posts a dumb thread asking how to get into a club.
Then someone posts a dumb thread mocking that dumb thread.

And I'm dumb enough to reply in it.



Close, but the two threads were started by the same person, now that's dumb...


You are weird.




Maybe he should take that $120 and take a trip to TJ. I'm sure he could score some kind of deal and get laid.


What's TJ? You have all been trolled for posting here.



"YOU GUYS HAVE ALL BEEN TROLLED!!! Uhhhh but whats a TJ?" *seriously interested** LOL


Jason, is that you in your avi? Mori, I've decided to make this a callout thread. Post vids of your training in the gym and I will best them. With more weight or more reps. Go.






No, that is not me...You'll earn my respect if you can tell me who it is though.




It's that easy, eh?


TJ Max, of course. That's where everybody goes to buy shit and get laid.


LOL! ^^ Mori dude, that was a troll comment, but really, your not even playing along now.

My next thread will be for Simon Adebisi. The title will be "For: Simon Adebisi"; the first post will be "Yes, I am a virgin"

And yes, I really am.