For Men....

Every woman is a golddigger until proven otherwise. I used to be a “nice guy”. I would give women money and favors, in hopes of getting sex or a relationship. Sometimes I got sex, but it was few and far in between, it was never like I could get it on demand. Men, never give women money, I don’t care how much money you may have or how you may be able to afford it. If you want sex, don’t give money in hopes of getting sex. If you offer her money in exchange for sex and she accepts, thats different. Because usually, if you give it to her in hopes of receiving sex, you may not get it. Secondly, treat a bitch like ****. Don’t be afraid to cuss her out and threaten to smack her (dont actually do it). Cheat on her from time to time.

If there are any men on here paying bills for a woman or giving a woman a significant amount of money in hopes of getting a woman to change her mind and sleep with you, stop! Stop being a sucker! Go to and hire a stripper to suck you off. If she wants a “loan” make her sign a promissary note so you can sue her if she doesn’t repay you. If you go on a date with a woman, make it known you want to **** her, in so many words. If she says no, or hints that it’s not happening anywhere in the near future, leave the bitch there, let her call a ride or catch the bus, and get seperate checks. If she doesn’t have enough money, tell her to have fun washing dishes.

Have you tried hitting h… oh wait you have.

Prostitution 101,
If you trade money and don’t get any, beat the bitch until she gives in and then beat her some more and take your money back.