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For Men Around 60, What Does Your 2x2x2 Look Like?

For you older men who do 2x2x2 what does it look like as far as main lifts, supplemental lifts, and assistance as well as your conditioning, and flexibility?

Just looking for ideas.


Great question. I’m 58, using 531 for the last 5-6 years in various ways. I ran 2x2x2 this summer ( June- August) 12 weeks. Did not like it as much as my current plan, which I’ve been using last 24 months except the 2x2x2 time.
Weeks are 351. I use the main lift as the supplemental for squat and bench, FSL. For OHP , I use Behind the neck for the supplemental,3-5x8-10.
DL , it’s SSB good morning 5x10
Add 50 reps or so from push, pull, single leg core each workout. Done as a circuit using body weight exercises when possible. Chins, push-ups, sit-ups,back extension. Rows, lat pull down,curls,
5 progression for a few cycles then a cycle or two of max reps capping at 10 on 3 and 1 week.
Lift every other day, recoverable conditioning on the non lifting days, a flexibility circuit as a warm up on lifting days and extending it on conditioning days.
Total training time between 60-90 minutes. I don’t get upset if I miss a day. I train very consistently. I rarely need to deload. I reset = check my TM when I need to, usually 3-4x/ year.
Two main lifts a day did not work well for me.

I wasn’t going to comment since it wouldn’t answer your specific question…

But since it has been mentioned already, I’ll agree with “clee 78” and say that two main lifts in a session doesn’t work well for me either. I end up grinding by the end of the second week and my joints would ache and I’d start feeling run down.

I much prefer doing one main lift per session and running a 3 day per week setup. I’m really liking the 3x5 SSL and super-setting my DB/BW assistance. It creates a short but intense workout. I also do mobility every day and light conditioning on off days.

But I’d try the 2x2x2 and see if it works for you. It apears to have worked great for others and it’s a pretty nifty schedule.

What are you planning?

The 2x2x2 that I did enjoy the most was one lift as a main and one lift as a supplemental.


Squats 5s Pro
Bench 5x5 FSL

Deadlift 5s Pro
Presses 5x5 FSL

Bench 5s Pro
Squats 5x5 FSL

Presses 5s Pro
Deadlift 5x5 FSL

Assistance up to you.

I did
5 pro
5 pro
Day 2
Same program with MP and DL
Assistant on other days.
Not a big fan
Much better for me
Main lift
25-100 from the 3 categories