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For Me, Full Body Workouts for Balance

From 40 years of all different programs. It appears that Full Body Workouts (most of the time 8-12 exercises for 1 work set at most weight for perfect form 6-8 reps to 12-15 (25 max for calves, 12 exercises is good if you want some isolation work, 6-8 is good for mostly having just Basic exercises Seems to be the best (for me) to feel balanced the continued days after lifting and also a program. Powerlfting or Bodybuilding broken up into splits, personally makes my body feel inbalanced, the day after the workout, and in a continued program.

I’m a big fan of full body workouts, and don’t mess much at all with splits or isolation work. But, I like the 3 exercises per workout approach. This makes you choose carefully, remove the fluff, and put your mental and physical efforts into what really matters.

Back squat, weighted dips, weighted pull ups
Over head press, trap bar dead lifts, weighted pull ups
Bench press, inverted weight-vested ring rows, double KB front squats

I would do 5-10 rounds, with reps in the 5-10 range for the above.

I also love weight vest circuits of push ups, pull ups, and squats done 5-10 rounds with higher reps for each move (10-30 reps).

Like you, I’ve lifted for a long time and I did all the body part splits, etc. They worked great for me when I was younger. However, at 56 now, I feel that a whole body workout 3 times a week is the best for me. I keep my reps high and my rest times short.

A typical day for me is pull downs or conventional chins, seated bench or conventional bench, leg presses, leg extensions, calf raises, and then I do 3 sets of a “complex” of lateral raises, curls, shoulder press, and tricep extensions all together with no rest in between.

That sounds good, I workout at home and have time on my hands so I go through phases where I rest pretty long between sets/exercises. Like 2-5 minutes. It helps me when the weights get heavy (for me)

Thats cool, I need more than 3 exercises personally or I feel inbalanced. But good for you, as long as workout. No one way for everyone, i see how your 3 can be considered full body. It seems like I need 8-12 exercises. Not saying I go back to less often to try, but always come back to 8-12 exercises for 1 set each most weight good form

Sounds a similar approach to a nautilus full body HIT style workout, minus the rush factor. Worked great from many…still does.

What would a typical workout look like for ya? And short of frequency do you train with?

I like full body workouts 4 days per week. 3 compound exercises done twice per week with some light accessory work for volume. I did 5 day full body/per week for a few months and got great results for 73, but I think I’m better organized now with 4 days/week. On weekend I try to do some sandbag, loaded rucksack walk or farmers carry . I"ve probably done the same workouts over the years as studhammer, and this works at the moment. I’m not trying for powerlifting records.