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For MAX muscles how fat/lean should I be?

Hello all!

I have been doing some agggressive stuff with nutrition and training. However my bodyfat level isnt exactly ripped to shreads.

My question.

  1. I am looking for MAX muscle gains, naturally. What bodyfat is too low or too high?

  2. Can I gain same amount of muscle while staying relatively lean (5-8%)

reply please! T-mag is the greatest!

A Dude: I asked a similar question near the beginning of the year, and became involved in one of the best discussions I’ve ever been on with this Forum.

1)Put “Maintaining Body Fat Percentages” in the box above “Subject” on the Forum Search engine.

2)Hit “Subject”.

3)Click the title “Maintaining Body Fat Percentages” and the search engine will open the whole discussion. This should answer your questions (and more!). Hope this helps!

By the way, Dude; the conclusions were:

1)You CAN gain muscle without becoming a “lardass”.

2)You can remain lean without losing large amounts of muscle.

3) It all takes monitoring, preparation and work; but it can be done! Mufasa