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For Mac Users: Training Log Programs

Are there any good (free) programs out there similar to Excell that I could use to keep a training log? I have a Macbook Pro, maybe there is something installed on there I’ve overlooked. Otherwise, any recommendations? Thanks!


From the faq…

Q: Will StarOffice 8 be available on the Macintosh?

A: The upcoming StarOffice 9 release will fully support the Mac OS X platform. Stay tuned until the end of this year.

Doesn’t help right away and I’ve not seen any dates for beta releases but they should be coming out soon I guess.

Open Office is free.

Neo Office I believe is Mac specific or at least Mac-optimized. Both are open source (free), and both are available and compatible with all MS Office file types, including Office 2007.

Doh - Thanks Ponce - I was half asleep when I posted before, I was actually thinking of Open Office.

FWIW, Microsoft’s latest Office for Mac version (2008) is quite a bit improved over previous versions.

You know, if you’re the type who happens upon dvd’s laying around.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I should have searched my HD before posting. Turns out I have an older version of Excell on here, haha.