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For Lack of a Better Title


So, its the month of July and from my first topic posted in this forum I planned on doing, Deadlift, Bench and Squats mainly. But I'm lost, for Bench day looks like this

Flat Bench
Incline Bench
Flys, to finish anything I could add to this workout or a way to change it I'm sticking to 5x5-7reps

Squat day
Leg Press
Leg extensions again anything I could add? or alter, I really want to bring my squat way up

Back day
Bent over Rows
Low machine Rows, again anything I could add to this or change? Also want my deadlift to go way up.

Dont know if this matters

Bench 80kg
Squat 80kg
Deadlift 70kg
Leg Press 180kg and yeah before anyone says it, I should be squating and deadlifting more than I bench lol sorry for the long winded post


Yeah ditch that and do a search for Madcow 5x5. Add weight every workout and eat like a motherfucker, get 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight and get that scale moving. It's the fastest way I know to bring up your squat and deadlift numbers.




you don't have any hamstring exercises on squat day

and no tricep exercises on bench day

those are the main things i see missing.. although there is also no bicep or shoulder work in there either


He's got pullups and rows. Those will hit his biceps enough.




The only thing I dont do is shoulder work, but I'm going to change it up this week, I do Leg curls on squat days and im going to try stiff legged deadlifts. I do two tricep exercises on bench day and two bicep exercises after deadlifts.

I was reading about Madcow 5x5 and it seems pretty unreal, gonna have another look at it later


You would be best off focusing your week around back/hamstring work if you want your squat and deadlift to go up.

Bicep/tricep work is fine but it should take a back seat as it really has little carryover unless you are using exercises that give you bang for your buck. I would personally keep 'isolation' work to a minimum. Drop the flyes and the leg extensions. If you want an idea, you can check my log (see below). My setup is 3 days a week (bench/squat/deads) and I'm also more focused on bringing up my squat. The work will naturally translate into deadlift progression.



have you stalled on a linear progression program for squat and deadlift? is that why you have leg presses and stuff?




My favorite thing to do when I stall on 5x5? Screw 5x5 and keep on moving more weight. The way to get stronger is to lift more weight, so just lift more. When you get to a weight you can't push twice, go back to your previous 5RM. Try it for one cycle, which should take you about a month and a half (hopefully two). When you drop the weight back, you'll see what I mean.


Bench (sets of 5-3 ramp weight), overhead press, close-grip bench, both sets of 8-3 ramp weight, pullups.

squats (sets of 6-3 ramped), front squats and good mornings (sets of 5-10, ramped), abz if you must

Deadlift (sets of 5-3 ramp weight, dont bounce it), 1 type of free-weight row (heavy for 50+ reps total), shrugs, 1 heavy bicep movement (try a work grip at same time eg thick handle hammergrip curls)


I'm going to be trying this minus doing abz because there not worth time...with the free weight row is it as many sets to get the 50reps? or just 50 straight?

Thanks for the help guys


as many sets to get to 50, eg one day you may decide to do kroc rows and only need 2-3 sets to get 50reps, but another you may decide to do heavy triples


Is there anything I can sub for Front Squats, I tried them today and can't do them for shit


what do you mean 'cant do them for shit'? strength, flexibility? everything needs practise


Abdominal strength "not worth the time"?