For KSman, My Labs

Just like your thoughts on my labs. Currently on Test Cyp 40mg EOD using 1/2 inch 30g needle + HCG 250units EOD SQ on days that I’m not taking TC. Not using an AI now because if drove my E down to the low teens at only 0.25mg of Arimidex twice a week. My labs are from LABCORP.

Total Test: >1500ng/dl (348-1197ng/dl)
Free + Weakly Bound: >351ng/dl (40-250ng/dl)
DHT: 231ng/dl (30-85ng/dl)
E sensitive: 25pg/ml (3-70pg/ml)
SHBG: 63mmol/L (19-76mmol/L)

With these labs I should feel good and my body comp. should be good. The problem is that I felt better with much lower T levels, the same SHBG and a slightly lower E. My hair and prostate are feeling the high DHT. I was thinking to add a slight amount of AI to lower the E slightly but am concerned that it may drive DHT higher. What do you think?

I would not expect that AI would change DHT much if at all. In any case, E2=25–>22 would be a small change. But your low E2 while on TRT is exceptional, as not fitting the norms, that there may be other things about you that are different, such as your prostate. In my case, with high T&DHT and AI–>E2=22, my prostate has not been a problem and PSA keeps getting lower over the years. That may not be ‘normal’ either.

How about more info about you as per the advice for new guys sticky? Do not even know your age, height or waist. Got CBC, TSH, cholesterol or glucose?

How long ago were you on lower T and feeling better. What was the time line for not feeling the same? Explain how your emotional state changed, in terms of been sensitive and caring.