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For Jason Norcross


Hope you don’t mind me following up on the advice you gave me yesterday re: HST. I have a much much better handle on it now. I do have a couple of questions perhaps you can answer. I went back to the HST home page, but found nothing on it that refers to taking a week off AFTER establishing base line 15,10,5RM’s. I did find mention of taking a week off as strategic deconditioning AFTER the first 6-8 cycle.
Also, it mentions that the workout can be split into two workouts (I guess that means doing lower body, and then upper body) OR doubling the workout. If I were to double it, I assume that means doing the entire workout exactly the same a.m. and p.m?

Finally, what about abdominal work…I am wondering if you might recommend a good ab program while doing this. I’ve done Ian King’s “Thinking Man’s Guide to Ab Training” already, and just finished up Christian Thibaudeau’s program as well. Any suggestions for a new program? I much appreciate your help here, again. Thanks very much.

It’s been several months since I’ve gone through all the HST articles, but I’m confidant that you are supposed to decondition after testing all of your maxes. I remember this and I know that Restless has said the same thing, so you should do it.

Secondly, about doubling the workout. There are infinite number of ways you can handle it. Since you are new to HST, I wouldn't recommend that you do this though. Try the program as outlined and do it as simple as possible.

As for an ab routine, you can do it a couple of different ways. You could pick out some weighted ab exercises from CT's ab training article or Coach Davies' Real Abs (issue 205) article and apply HST principles. You could also do them separately at the end of each workout using the methods that Ian King talks about in his Thinking Man article - just switch up the exercises.

Hey Jason. Thanks for the advice. Your answers are right on the mark. I’m sorry to sound so dumb here, but could you tell me where I could find CT’s ab article? Is it on t-mag? thanks again.

See the reply I posted that for some reason ended up in another thread. <p<You do have to SD before your first cycle, but since all you did was finding your 15 RM, not much of a repeated boot effect has occurred so you might get away with it.

Anyway, without even knowing your 5 RM things are bounded not to go too well. You clearly haven’t understanded why SD is necessary yet, so some searching on the HST forum would sure help a lot.

CT = Christian Thibaudeau

So I don't think you'll have to look very far since you were doing his program already. Sorry for the abbreviation.

Anyway, I'm signing off for a while - I've got a date with my wife and a life to live (not that I don't love the forum, but you get the idea).