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? for IAN KING

Hello IAN:

First off thanks for all the great articles you have contributed to T-Mag.

I would like to ask a question re: your “Out of Kilter Part IV” article… I try to stretch whenever I can to stay mobile but I have found that “reaching w/my right hand touching my shoulder blade by putting my arm behind my back does hurt/gets uncomfortable AND I do see some parts of my upper back over my delts…”

What are your exercise tips to remedy this ? I look forward to seeing your “Out of Kilter V - How to properly do the exercises to remedy the symptoms I mentioned in pt IV” (Seriously)


Ian doesn’t answer questions on this board. He runs a fitness empire from Austrailia that charges per question, and you’ll get an answer that may not be as specific as you wanted but will train your capacity for critical thought

Thanks Brian;

DARN… Oh well… Man’s got to make a living… guess I’ll just Google when he decides to visit sunny CANADA… Then take a day off to catch one of his seminars.