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For home trainers

For any one setting up a home gym, this may or may not be news to you, but it was a bit of a revalation to me. I had purchased some hard rubber mats for my home gym a couple years ago. No problems, got them in Portland to avoid the tax (and I was in town any way – gotta love that no sales tax in Oregon). I got them at a pretty decent gear store just south of Lloyd’s Center. Paid $65 each. Well, just this past week, we got an ad for our local farm supply store, and what do I see? Stall mats. Half the price I paid for the ones at the workout gear store, at twice the thickness. So, do I feel like an idiot or what? Just a public service announcement for any one looking to set up a home gym with good mats – go to your local farm supply store and get “stall mats.” I’m gonna pick up a couple more tonight.

I believe Dave Tate made mention of this at his site, somewhere.

Thanks for the tip, Brider, I’ve been meaning to get these and now I’ll save some dough…