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For Gmail Users - Remote Storage



There are limitations, but it saves up some space on your drives.


Thanks for passing this on and a very tempting tool it is. However, what worries me is the disclaimer that since it's not an authorized Google tool, it could eventually be blocked by Google. Not being to access my data would be bad.


It sends you an email to google with attachemnt anyway...so even if they 'cockblocked' the tool that lets you use gmail email as a drive on your pc, the emails would still be there....happy days ! When you go into your gmail account they are there as an email with attachment from 'me' and the title is some mandatory field with the name of the attachment.

Just between you and me...I have four gmail accounts and conequently 11 gigs or so of free storage. More happy days.

Edited : What you put in there depends on your connection speed really, I put some photos in there and then thought about MP3's which I stuck about 50 in, but I just cut pasted them and left it to transfer, even on the 8mb connection we have it took a fair old while to transfer.


Hmm...definitely worth a try then. I already use my account to store files as email attachments in that manner.

Good stuff. Thanks!