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? for Ericka

Hey Ericka there is a girl at my gym who has been competing in fitness competitions but she has recently been turned on to powerlifting. My question for you is what advice do I give her on gear. Since I am new to the sport myself, I didn’t feel worthy of giving her an answer. So I decided to ask you since you are a female powerlifter.

I took it pretty easy with the gear at first. Her entire way of training needs to change from training for asthetics to training for gear. Big difference.

I started with all single ply gear and was lucky enough to fit into lots of borrowed and hand-me-down gear. I used a single ply Inzer bench shirt and the Metal V-Squatter for my first couple of meets. basically until my strength had surpassed what assistance I was getting from the gear. Both were fairly easy to learn and pretty easy on the CNS. Maybe introduce her to gear by having her start squatting in a pair of single ply poly briefs first. Just to get a feel for gear and then start with gear that fits but is not super tight.

The more experience she gets with gear the easier it will be for her to move into more restrictive and double ply gear.

Awesome to hear of more females getting interested in the sport! I wish her luck!

Ericka thanks. I will pass the information along to her as well as recommending her to this site so she can post her own questions and gain some solid knowledge. Again thanks.