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For Cy Wilson


Hey Cy:

There's been a lot of buzz lately on this site about the anabolic (metabolic) diet by Dr. DiPasquale.

What are your thoughts on the use of AAS while on this diet (or a CKD like BodyOpus)?

Typically, athletes are told to keep insulin levels high on AAS, and I've heard some people express concern over high levels of dietary fat coupled with drugs that might negatively impact blood lipid profile.

That said, I'm natural and the Anabolic Diet seems to work for me...would it be conducive to androgen use? Would it be sub-optimal?

Thanks very much!


It depends. If the goal was to gain as much lean body mass as possible, I personally feel a higher carbohydrate intake is necessary.

When such or similar diets, albeit hypocaloric, are employed, they are successful when dieting with androgens.