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For CY - Steroid Dieting Question

I’m doing the “steroid dieting” protocol using 4-AD-EC (one A.M. serving)with MD6 (3x2caps) and OLD T2 (6caps/day). Now, my question is, even though I am using MD6 and the max “unrecommended” dosage of the old T2 to keep my metabolism going, isnt it going to slow down anyway? Since I’ve been doing this diet now for two weeks, getting essentially the same calories every day (about 1400), I’ve only lost 2 lbs— despite strict adherence to the diet and daily cardio sessions after weights. Should I increase cardio? do multiple daily sessions (A.M and P.M.), decrease calories even more?. I see body comp changes, but they certainly aren’t miraculous considering all the stuff I am doing. At this calorie level, there’s little chance that I am also putting on muscle (via 4-AD-EC) right? It seems to me my metabolism has gotten used to this calorie level and even the supps aren’t helping. Not sure what to do at this point.