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For Cy..Get Big, Stay Big

 This is a question for Cy in regards to your 12 week steroid protocol in the latest print issue of T-mag.  My question is: Is it feasible to legalize this cycle...for example:

For weeks 1-6: Mag-10
For weeks 7-9: 4-AD-EC, Hot Rox, Methoxy, and maybe M
For weeks 10-12: Drop 4-AD-EC, add Tribex and M, continue everything else.
The logic behind it is that the 4-AD-EC would keep the gains coming without suppression and the Hot Rox would replace the ephedrine to “increase nitrogen retention while providing lipolytic and anti-lipogenic properties.”
Is this doable? Since you’re the expert, I was just interested in your feedback. Thank you and keep up the great work.



That protocol is actually not a bad idea. I’d certainly give it a try.