For CT: Contrast Training

CT is it possible to use contrast training(your triple threat article) for the squat and deadlift in the same week without overtraining the lower back?

Yes it is possible … it is really hard to “overtrain” a muscle. Muscle tissue can adapt to pretty much all the stress you throw at it. It’s the CNS that’s a bigger problem. Is it possible to do triple threat for both the squat and dead in the same week? Yes, but only for a very short period of time. Honestly I would not do it myself. There is just too little added benefits. It’s much more intelligent to do a concentrated cycle using the triple threat method for one basic lift, for 4 weeks. The other lifts being trained normally. Once the 4 weeks cycle is completed you change the main exercise.

Another method is to use the TT method for the deadlift on week 1; for the bench press on week 2; for the squat on week 3 and for the push press on week 4.

BTW, please stop bumping all your posts twice. It gets anoying, kinda like saying “hey, answer me dammit!”. I’m all for helping, but I’m working 70 hours per week. I will always try to find as much time as possible for your guys, but if I wanna live past 35 I gotta have sometime for myself and Ms. Beast if you know what I’m saying!