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For Crying Out Loud


"A key senator has asked the Social Security Administration to investigate how people who live their lives role-playing as â??adult babiesâ?? are able to get taxpayer-funded disability payments â?? after one of them was featured on a recent reality TV episode wearing diapers, feeding from a bottle and using an adult-sized crib he built."


And the result of the investigation...

I give up on this country. I do. We suck, admit it. Tell him to get his overweight ass out of his crib and get a damn job. The friggen arrogance of this idiot. "I'll kill myself if the tax payers don't fund my fetish." I don't like hostage takers demanding a ransom from me. Even when the hostage is themselves. I'd call his bluff, and let his death be on his head, not ours. What a despicable human being. I can't believe he'll continue getting his fetish subsidy at our expense. We are weak-willed mush. We deserve to go bankrupt. Too bad generations not even born yet will have to pay for our inability to be judgmental, to make decisions based on hard reality, and to hold people accountable for themselves. We suck.


I know you won't be too shocked if some clod wanders in here defending this guy. Probably as a Christian too.


jesus tittyfucking christ.


All right, this whole Western civilization thing looked promising for a while, but I think its safe to say now that we took a wrong turn somewhere.


Also, I cannot possibly blame the progressive movement for this, because Woodrow Wilson could not possibly have had that on his radar.


I know it sucks to have a political conversation with a guy that says it's all pointless--that we're doomed--but I'm becoming that guy. We are told, in no uncertain terms, that we can not grow and/or tax our way out of the oncoming national meltdown, and yet, we can't even insist that an adult ween himself off of a literal nipple. We are done. By the time we accept that, "oh crap, maybe we have to cut our spending," we'll have already crossed into meltdown territory.


Then again, most empires end and you must admit that this is an interesting twist.


hey, who know ? maybe the slipery slope is not always a fallacy.

except it's not the 5th century, but the 21st.
The dead body of our globalized and industrialized empire will not be clean and pretty.


Here's was the most recent one.


And before that...


And in whoop whoop land...


Another 'for crying out loud.' Another 'transgendered kid.' 7 years old....



Holy dog shit. We are just too damn soft. We have learned as a culture to 'accept' everything, to 'not make judgements' etc. The 1960s altered our culture forever.

I thought 9/11 would be our wakeup call. I think if someone nukes a whole city, I really don't think we will learn even then. I hate to say it, but it's true.

Who's gonna lead us, Barney Frank?


Pretty much in agreement with you. The ways we seem to slide now are sometimes humorously terrible like the diaper guy and sometimes just terrible like this

along with the fact that there are apparently lots of cases similar to this.

It does seem like a nice reset would be good sometimes.


Wait for it. It's coming...


What specifically was so bad about the 60s? Do you mean the civil rights movement?

Not an attack, just curious.

What do they need to learn?


I said the following several months ago in response to guy deluding himself about how gay marriage would have no appreciable affect on our society.