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For Cressey/Robertson

I have been told by a few people now that one should be able to bench press their bodyweight for about the same number as one can do pull ups for.

Can anyone verify the legitimacy of this statement?

What other implications should be considered? (yes I have read the NNM series, I am just looking for a more in depth answer)


Don’t worry about all the “this lift should be as much as this lift” crap. I am sure some people say your 1 RM goodmorning should be 1.657 times your bench press because that is how much they can do with those lifts. So you should just lift and let the correlations between lifts be what they are. However, I would be concerned if you could benchpress a significant amount of weight but very weak in upper back exercises. (as in 400+ benchpress and 100 pound bent over row for 5 reps at a bodyweight of 230). Doubt that would happen though.


Way to many variables for a statement like that to be true. Obviously you want to keep a balance between back and chest strength… maybe if the comparison was bench vs. chest suported row. Still I doubt there is a “golden ratio” for this

There’s no truth to that.