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For Coach Davies: Overhead Walks

Hi Coach Davies. I was reading about your Overhead Walks and I thought they might be great for handstand training although I’m not quite sure how I could put them together. The only idea I had was doing Overhead Walks twice a week and Handstands twice a week but on different days. Also, could they be used as weighted and non-weighted GPP? currently for GPP I do something of a weighted day and non-weighted day

weighted day:
sled dragging
rope pulling
nonweighted day:
400m sprints
shoulder gliding
on both days I also do the Dot Drill.

Thanks in advance for any reply Coach D.


p.s. my goals for these workouts are to increase my gpp.

Hey Test,
Obviously I’m not Coach D. But I have a couple questions. For what are you training (sport, own enjoyment)? Non - weighted GPP tends to be more of the Jumpimg jack, shuffle jack, burpee etc variety. Running if part of the sport tends to not be considered GPP. Do you do any other work for non - weighted GPP? Weighted GPP tends to be farmers walks wheelbarrow walks, sledge hammer work, sled work, overhead walks.
Hope you don’t mind.

Hey wassup. I know I put Coach D but I meant it for anyone offering any input.

As for your questions, I’m doing it for my own enjoyment. I picked those exercises basically because I really enjoy them. I’m trying to increase the volume of each before adding more GPP exercises.

Thanks for your reply.


Overhead Walks (also Overhead Lunges) are a tremendous exercise but I need to stress that maintaining correct postural alignment is essential. Definately I consider them as part of weighted GPP.

Tell me a little more of your training within core work and your ease of performing handstands. Depending on that there are some options.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Hey Ton,
Good to see another “Independant” Renegade.
As far as weighted GPP is concerned mixing the overhead walks with hand stands is a viable option.
Never having done dot drills I can’t comment…I do enjoy coaches cone drills. I have no idea what shoulder glides are. Nothing wrong with the running. I have yet to find anything that compares to what coach has done (as far as I’m concerned) for increasing basic non - weighted GPP.


hey i saw your post to coach davies and wondered if you have purchased either of his books or programs. i have the training for football up on ebay if you want it for a decent price.

Hey Coach D. Thanks for taking time to reply.

As for my training in core work, I’m trying to perform Headstand Leg Raises more easily and I usually follow those up with Hanging Leg Raises. On a different day I also perform the Full Contact Twist (still working on getting the hang of it) and Good Mornings. Since I’m trying to get better at executing the actual movements, I go for 3 sets of maximum repetitions.

As for handstands, I am able to hold the bent-leg handstand for about 2-3 minutes. I can stay in the straight-leg handstand (closer to the wall) for about 90 seconds. And I can hold the handstand in mid-air for about 15-25 seconds.

Thanks for your reply coach davies.


Thanks for the reply T-Ren. I’m going to look into the Coach’s cone drills.

Just in case you wanted to know what the shoulder gliding is, check out the article CT wrote about it. They’re great. I can’t stress how great they are really. Basically you get an old 5lb. tub of protein powder, take the cover, stand on it, then get in the pushup position, and drag yourself for a set distance using your hands. It’s great.


Hey thanks boondoc. No I haven’t purchased any of the coach’s books as of yet. But I’ll definitely go take a look at the bank account and see your post on ebay.

I’m your typical broke-ass college student, so if I am unable to purchase it from you please don’t feel offended. I’m just a broke-ass college student =).

Thanks for the reply.