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? for Christian and other tmen

I am having trouble creating a split that will allow me to focus on improving athleticism in a variety of areas. I understand that the answer may actually lie in the question Ive presented, but bear with me.

Decathaletes obviously are able to accel in a variety of areas, and I would like to do the same. What kind of split would best accomodate my desire to increase my sprinting speed, jumping ability, arm throwing strength, agility, endurance, hitting power in baseball, striking power in boxing, lifting strength and muscle size?

I have had great results applying Charles’ loading protocols to a split where I have from 3-7 days rest between bodyparts, but cannot figure out where to place training for some of the activities listed above. I dont think my question is outside the paramaters of this forum, and Ill provide additional info if necessary. PLEASE ADVISE

Also, where did the idea of muscle recovery come from? I ask because we all probably have distant relatives who slaved away 6 or 7 days a week performing manual labor (construction, logging, farming) and were big and strong. These people worked the same muscles each day, no real down time and became rock solid. Is there anything to this?

Thanks for your time

Yea not that i doubt the knowledge of any of you guys but… my dad is construction worker. he has a small buisness where he bascially does all the work himself. i’ve seen pic of him when he was around 16 and he was thin as a nail. now hes pretty big, if he cut himself up heed look “ripped”. He works 6 days a week though really no rest. how is this possible?

This is what I remember reading somewhere.

The reason that people do not burn out from doing labouring and construction everyday is because they are not increasing the resistance or workload.
Of course it will make them fit and healthy in general but they are not increasing their workload or employing progressive overload so there is no impetus for muscles to continue growing.

Everyday they generally do the same amount of work for the same amount of time. They are not using heavier hammers after each work day. There is no progressive resistance. Saying that however my dad and his friends all have very physical jobs and some of them are big broad guys who do no lifting except for what there job entails. My dad has rock hard baseballs for biceps!!! Go figure.

I think you would need to get more into periodiastion, basically focusing on ceratin trainable traits in ceratin cycles while maintaining others.
It largely depends what you goals are (you were pretty non specific) but a basic progression could be hypertrophy (reps 8-12) to strength to power to speed. each cylce could be anything in length depending on how you want to do it and how quick you want to progress in each (2 weeks to 8weeks on each). skill specific stuff can be integrated through out. be carefull with cardio dont over doit in your strength phase again cycling cardio intensities and types.
hope this helps

All i know is this summer when im working for my dad im going to shrug the wheel-barrel, curl buckets, and squat some wood/metal. hah