For Charles Staley

Charles: (If you’re out there) Thanks very
much for the tips in your recent article.
Being Brachiomorphic with long limbs and long
torso, I think I will find this quite useful.
Do you have any specific training programs
designed around this concept to help
Brachiomorphs get better limb (and overall)
development? If so, I’ll check it out for
sure. If not, could you develop one - for
T-mag, or in a book? (Please). Thanks.

It just occurred to me that perhaps people
with long femurs might do better to squat
using a smith machine or hack squat rather
than standard back squat, as that would
work around the ankle ROM limitation - while
still hitting the quads more, and avoiding
hitting the glutes so much. Poliquin bashed
smith squats … but he is short. Dorian
Yates favored smith squats … and he is tall.