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For Bill!

Bill, thanks a lot for the quick answer yesterday I am the guy who asked about using Androsol with my Testosterone replacement, I have some more questions for you. Should I still use Tribex between cycles or is this just a waste of money since the injections will keep my Testosterone high after the cycle? Should I take something to control the estrogen? Finally do you think I could use a more agressive cycle like 3on 1off 2on 3off like Brian Batcheldor is suggesting?

Matt, I think it all depends on what dosage of testosterone injections you’re taking… if it’s say 500 mg/week or more then there is utterly no point to Tribex… your natural
testosterone production from the testicles will be nada.
If it’s 100 mg/week, then Tribex could likely make up for the partial suppression you’d have, and that would be a good thing… at 200 mg/week, you still might have some significant natural production, moreso than without Tribex, while using Tribex. I don’t know but it seems possible. Above 200, I wouldn’t want to guess, and as mentioned, 500 and more, for sure Tribex could not help.

Taking something to control estrogen is useful on low dose
testosterone (say 200 mg/week or less) in that it can significantly help keep up natural T production while also
having the injections. At higher doses like 500 mg, there’s no benefit in that department but there may be anti-gyno benefit: depends on whether you’re prone to gyno (if not,
then you don’t have a problem anyway.) Also, estrogen control is useful with regards to water retention if you
dislike looking or feeling bloated, and being in the normal range probably has health benefits relative to being above
the normal range.

Sure, you can use more aggressive cycles… it’s all a question of how you want to balance benefits vs. side effects. It’s possible to make gains that most guys will
be extremely happy with by a few 2 on / 4 off cycles with
minimal adverse effect, and it’s also possible to gain
somewhat more by being on a higher percentage of the time,
at some extra cost to health. It just depends on how hard you want to push it.

Thanks again for your quick and detailed answers to my questions, thanks to you I am now ready to try my first cycle of Androsol.