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Mr. Roberts, you talk of using 28 or 29 gauge syringe with Winstrol. I’ve used Winstrol off and on for some 16 years now and with a 22 gauge. Not every time, but more often than I want, it blocks or stops up. I’ve had to take it out force it extremely hard to where the juice hits my ceiling and I waste valuable Winstrol. Yes, I spin shake it thoroughly. It’s really a pain and I love the stuff, but despise wasting a drop of this expensive juice. What can I do to eliminate this from happening?

I think I remember Bill (or Brock) talking about this on an earlier post. Draw the winny up into the syringe and forcefully expell it out a few times in the amp to break up all of the small clumps that would cause blockage. I’ve never tried it myself and you may find more info with a search.

The technique of aspirating into a larger
needle and then squirting out a few times,
then adding to the back of an insulin needle
worked well for me but I was using Zambon
Winstrol, which is the best kind. If you have
a Winstrol which clogs up even a 22 gauge,
well, the problem is so bad that apparently
you can’t even DO the procedure I’m talking
about since even the big needle is clogging up.

I’d try swapping on an even larger gauge needle, do the squirt-in-and-out procedure,
then put on a smaller gauge needle. You
ought to at least then be able to use the
22 gauge without clumping and maybe you
can use a 25 gauge.

It might though just be necessary to switch
to the good stuff. On the other hand, a couple of guys I know have used 29 gauge
with types other than Zambon but unfortunately I cannot remember the brand(s).

BTW, you don’t want to be injecting clumps
anyhow. Having a suspension that can go
through a fine needle is better.