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For Bill Roberts: Ultimate Biotest Stack

I’ve got @$950 tax refund cash to spend on Biotest supps. I already have bought 4 tubs of Surge and nine tubs of low-carb Grow. In addition to the Biotest weight loss stack, would you recommend any other Biotest supps to use if my goal is fat loss and preserving lean body mass (beach time coming up)? How about Tribex, M, MAG-10, Androsol, ZMA…etc? I’m not all that interested in ‘getting huge’ as I’d like to go from 210lbs at @18%bf to 185 @9%bf. I’m 40, 5’11" and have recently started lifting hard again after a 6 month layoff due to a pec injury. The orthopedic surgeon has cleared me to resume all gym activities. Any insights would be appreciated.