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For Bill Roberts (Animals Diet)

“Eating ketogenic in the morning and then a workout in the afternoon with some high carbs meals seems to work well”

Thats what you said in a previous post.
That sound basically like Animals “Animalbolics Diet”
I was wondering what you think of the diet?
(Basically no carbs on non training days, then only protein and fat until you train, after training you have 2 high carb meals and hit the sack.)

Sounds pretty reasonable… a little different perhaps
because I like the first afterworkout meal (probably
an MRP with a carb source like bread) to be high in
protein and carbs, then the next two meals to be pretty
much isocaloric though maybe a little over the 40%
carbs that Dan defined as isocaloric (40/30/30.)

I do think it’s important to get enough total carbs over
time, and I think somewhere around 5 grams of
carbs per week per lb LBM is a minimum. So if you
follow Animal’s particular approach, I’d make sure that
those perhaps-relatively-few carb meals totalled up
to at least that much (preferably considerably more
if you are out to gain muscle as opposed to dieting
and expecting only to retain as much muscle as possible.)