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? for bill (MAG-10 stack)

Okay i wanted to know what you think of this:
stack mag-10 stacked with 5a-androstane-3a,17b-diol and 1’4androstadienedione for 6weeks (maybe 2 weeks)followed with M (or vitex) and Tribex.thank you in advance.

Bill’s response to this type of question is usually, “Don’t mess with the formula.” MAG-10 seems to be optimized to work as is without any tinkering. He even says that certian steroids added to it won’t improve results beyond what you’d get with MAG-10 anyway.

The particular hormone you mention (5alpha-diol for short) is not an effective anabolic and has effect mostly in promoting baldness and on the prostate. I most definitely would not add it.

Aha! Finally I have caught Bill making a potentially incorrect statement. Perhaps this amateur chemist really wants to be bald and to go to the bathroom 20 times per night and isn’t looking for an anabolic effect. You didn’t consider that Bill now did you? :slight_smile: