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? for Bill, Brock, Chris, or anyone with Androsol research numbers...

I was wondering what the inhibition (and any other) issues were when comparing a 2-week cyle of Androsol at max dosage versus a 4-week cycle… Basically, can I stay on for 4 weeks and then keep my gains and normalize my T levels with Tribex and some Methoxy afterwards?

The situation is that today will be one week exactly on Androsol for me. I have a PL competition on Sunday, April 8. Am I better staying on the stuff up until that date, or going off now, using Tribex for 2 weeks, and using the Androsol again for the week before the competition? Thanks for the help.

Oh yeah, and, would there be any benefit to using Androsol in the morning and spraying with Nandrosol instead later on in the day?

The vast majority of users would have no problem going 4 weeks straight, and little or no problem with 8 weeks straight for that matter. However, some small fraction would,
and would need medical help, and might not
get appropriate treatment since most doctors are not familiar with androgens. (The individual might, because of temporarily low T that might be fixed with Clomid, be put on replacement testosterone, which would perpetuate the inhibition and result in the need for lifetime treatment… a cost no
one wants to pay and no one wants to experienced for having used a supplement!)

I personally would use Nandrosol for 3 weeks than Androsol in this situation. The rationale is that I think Nandrosol gives more muscle gains (this however would not be relevant if you are concerned about going over your weight limit) and Androsol is better for CNS stimulation, and is most effective for that when it’s use is new or it hasn’t been used in a while. I.e., if you used Androsol for 4 weeks straight, you might not get as much of a “kick” to your CNS at the meet as you might if you waited until the last week to start Androsol.