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For BCS Supporters


Answer this...Why is it BCS supporters never argue for this system in any other sport?

Here is the answer...They don't take college football seriously...it is a video game to them...where THEY get to chose who THEY want to see play.

Is undefeated Alabama better than USC? Probably not...before the 1980 winter olympics...did you think the USA hockey team was better than the Soviets?

The take home message...let the teams decide who is the best...not us!


BCS is better than the mess they had before. It is still not great.

College football needs a playoff system.


Alabama would have no business playing on the same field as SC, the only team that can give them a game is Texas.


You prove my point exactly!
How do you know? Do they play the same schedule? You are speculating, which is what all of the voters do.

Remember when New England won their first superbowl? Everyone said they had no business on the same field as St. Louis. You never know until they play.

Just because you or me or any journalist says "they don't belong" doesn't mean they shouldn't play.

Do you say this about any other sport? Do you support playoffs in other sports?

Let them play in a playoff. If USC is that good...they'll roll over Alabama and prove their worth. The regular season is where you earn your rank. The post season should be where you defend it!


I thought this might help everyone out. I shure cleared things up for me.


Can't spell idiot without three letters from this moron's name. So Arizona State, Arizona, and Notre Dame are all better than Bama because they all hung with USC. I am in no way a Bama fan, but get serious. There at least ten teams that could play on the same field as USC, five of which I feel would beat them hands down. Quit swinging from Pete Carrol's nuts and open your eyes.



USC is not head and shoulders above everyone.
Any team in the top 10 right now would give them a game.
Who thought Penn St. would beat Miami
Ohio St over Miami...the list goes on.
This is a great year for college and unfortunately, only 2 get to play for the title. I hope the matchups work out, the top 4-5 bowl games should be incredible


Agree with all...but this is not about how good USC or Texas is...it is about journalist and voters assuming that no one could beat them..so why give anyone a shot. They want Texas and USC, and a playoff may ruin their fantasy game. You know, due to a possible upset...it has happened.


BCS rankings out today have Texas at #1 with SC very a very close #2.