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For anyone working on N-17E

Bill/TC/Brock et al:

N-17E – in its final form, will this be the exact equivalent of 400mg deca per week? Can I assume then that this product would obsolete deca, or at least turn it into a legal vs illegal choice (or price point comparison)? I’m planning out my cycles for the next 2 years and wanted to know whether to leave off the Deca and plan on using N-17E with the other gear. Thanks!

It is a completely reasonable scientific expectation that with correct oral dosing
levels the same asfrom 400 mg/week Deca will be achieved.
That’s our design goal and I expect to meet
it. Obviously, before release, we’ll have
solid evidence that this is indeed the case
and we’ll know how many milligrams are
needed orally to achieve this.

We’d price it at no more than Deca for
same blood levels. So it’s a choice of
legal vs. illegal, oral vs injection,
and short half-life (necessitating dosing
two or more times per day, but also
allowing use in short cycles) vs long half-life.

Whether N-17E will be legal two years from
now I cannot say, but it’s legal as of today.