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For Anyone Who Likes Rap...







Why? It's an alright rap. Dude sounds like a sped-up bad boi, but I don't like him too much.


*big boi


how's the rapping been going for you G87? I remember you made that thread a while back..

I've been working on freestylin a little more since then, gotten noticably better, still miles away from good though. Haven't gotten down to writing anything myself, but that'll come eventually i suppose.


I'll at least contribute to this thread


good find


It's hard to tell a real freestyle, sometimes cats spit stuff they already wrote


cassidy is the truth


any good freestyle is written.


So what is it called when it isn't written?


almsost everything is written


Yeah; one of the greatest freestyles of all time - Big L on the 7-minute freestyle - is quite obviously pre-written. Every line is a quotable though.

Hey, man. It's been going pretty well, surprisingly! I obviously have a thousand miles to go, but for a beginner, I think I'm OK.

It's impressive that you started off with freestyling and are still just doing that. I don't think I'd be able to do that. Do you try to think of words that rhyme ahead of time?

PS Does anyone think that Mos Def is over-rated?


crooked i and ludacris own this thread


crooked i

starts at 5.30

nelly, murphy lee and consequnce


juelz santana - damn he can ride a beat

i cant find the redman one thats bugging me


his blackstar album and black on both sides were awesome but then he went andre 3000 on everyone...its like kids today can't remember when andre rapped and destroyed every verse


I'll be honest: I should probably get better acquainted with Mos's work. However, as far as I can see, he tries to ride the political-conscious shit, which he can't do because he's just not clever enough.

As for Andre 3000.. He still rapped as recently as 07 at least, and KILLED it:

I view Andre as one of the musical geniuses of the rap game. He's a real musician, not just a rapper, but as a rapper, he changed the game, and to think that Outkast came out of the south, which is def not known for its lyricism, is incredible. Think about it: Big Boi is a great MC, but he can't keep up with Andre unless Andre slows it down and LETS him keep up.


Ceelo slays, and it seems to be a real freestyle, so crazy respect.

The Nelly one was weak to me.. Especially since the whole thing was pre-written or at least seemed that way.. Juelz was better but still pre-written. I'll check out the others later when I get home.


One of my favorite Andre lines - "You wouldn't understand if you stood under it."


Biggie Smalls - The Wickedest Freestyle <- One of the best freestyles I've heard
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d50YQJAMlAI (starts at around 55 seconds in)

The aforementioned Big L and Jay-Z Freestyle:

Really good recent Eminem freestyle:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuM43TGfU0I (Em starts after the first minute)

My favourite freestyle, by the Diplomats:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIARlXr_NOQ (it's all about Cam'Ron's verse at the end)

Edit: And yeah most/all of these are pre-written.


This ought to be an everything hip hop thread, the title works...

Yeah, Andre 3K is amazing. I don't think hip hop music is limited to rapping anyway, so I wouldn't really discredit someone for trying something other than rapping. Especially someone like Andre 3000 who has already proven himself to be one of the best ever (not accusing you of that jtg987).

As for Mos Def, I like the guy but I can see where the political nature of the music turns people off. Most rappers and musicians in general who try to to the conscious/political thing don't really know politics well enough. That's why when you hear some of them talking politics/society in interviews it's all conspiracy theory, overly romantic dreams of some utopian society etc. Stuff that other people grow out of :D. The only time social rap really get's by on it's bottom line message IMO is when the topic is really simple, or the topic is censorship and hip hop's portrayal in mainstream media (one of my favourite "concious songs" is actually 'That's Life' by Killer Mike). Or maybe I misunderstood what you meant on political rap?

So really, most of the best political/conscious musicians are good because they make regular people care, either by adding a personal take to the issues, or by making it just a part of the music which is what Mos Def does IMO. Same with someone like M.I.A., the politics might be a little underdeveloped but it fits the overall aesthetic of the artist so well.