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For AngryVader


Sorry, Vader. Saw this and I HAD to post it. I would have forgotten it by August.


The pic is just cheese in the mouse trap. You mother fluffers don't show up unless there's a pic involved.



I’ve been wanting to post that forever! I’m surprised nobody has previously, (or have they?).
Anyway, it’s one of the funniest things ever. Angry Vader will be thoroughly angry.



I hope his level of angry disrupts the force…


The spock dude arriving was pure win!


Oh man thats funny.


Ha! I remember this when it first came out.

“Have you ever been able to talk to a woman without having to use your credit card number?”



I hate to disappoint, but I can’t be angry about that clip anymore. It’s been around too long. I even own it on the Best of Triumph DVD. Classic stuff!

The Comic Con clip I haven’t seen before though. That’s good stuff.

This is old, but funny: