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For all you sinners out there. :P


Damn bastards better learn!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


That one is pretty good.lol Reminds me of a Hirss(?) that had a lic. plate that said URNEXT.lol




Then again, there is no hell but the hell you make in your own life.

You forget many people like me dont believe in a judgement day where someone decided to send you to hell or to heaven for all eternity. It's old crap designed to scare you into being a 'good' person for fear of buring in eternal flames.

So see, the funny part in that isnt that Stop, Drop, And Roll doesnt work in hell. It's that there is no hell in the way the bible portrays it.

I cannot believe how MANY of us really believe in that nonsense. Its one thing to use the bible to help you be a better citizen. I completely understand that. Now - to actaully believe there is a literal hell and heaven where you go for all eternity, alond with all other inane stuff... Sorry, THAT is just insane.
WHO you are is a result of your brains, your body, your emotional tendency, your hormonal profile, your experiences...Its a very complex intricacy of different things that make YOU who you are.You cannot seriously expect to once you leave all these intrincacies to still be YOU if you want to put it that way.
I dont know what happens when you die. Nobody has EVER managed to successfully come back after being dead - and if they had how the hell would they remember anything? But see, I dont go around professing things NOBODY knows.


"But see, I dont go around professing things NOBODY knows."

Sure you do, as you're calling everything many people believe in every name in the book.

Like you said, nobody knows, so please try to be more mindful of that when you judge people's beliefs.


I consider the gym my church and the squat rack my pew. However, I respect everyone's opinion on this topic.

The bullshit that gets tossed around from both sides is ridiculous. This week we've discussed homosexuality, gay marriage, religion and I think guns may have come up. Anyone for abortion?


Thats it. I wont touch religion with a 70 foot pole from now on.


Does religion have anything to do with guns? (I'm assuming a connection was made, as in the "both sides" comment.)


Diesal. I was joking dude. I found this pic and I thought it was hilarious. I can't believe this church actually did this. You should know by now to never take me seriously. :wink:



We would thank you and your "pole" to keep a respectful distance of 200 yards or whatever distance local restraining orders dictate from all religious topics.

Your pole has been seen in some VERY suspect places and the integrity of it's sanitation has been called into question by more than one Forumite.

When you get the test results back, please copy us on them.

"It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it"

~ Gilbert K. Chesterton


Diesel, that's probably a very smart move. Likewise, I don't participate in those threads either. I was merely pointing out the inconsistency of your statements.

A while back, I particpated in political discussions as much as anybody until I simply realized that nobody changes their mind based on anything they read here. It always ends up in one side getting petty and resentful, and nothing gets accomplished.

I've seen plenty that I've wanted to respond to, but I choose not to anymore for those very reasons.

If you like banging your head against a wall, by all means, continue...


Exactly DocT. :slightly_smiling:


You post something funny, to make people laugh. To try and lighten up the board and some people just take things way way way too seriously.

That's a funny sign. I don't care if you believe in God or not, it's a funny sign. I don't care if you believe in hell, it's a funny sign. It's a witty sign. It's the sort of thing we need to see more of.

Can everyone (diesel) just take a deep breath and please stop over-reacting to so much of what occurs here.



Next thing you know Diesel is going to throw a hissy fit over somebody using an acronym . . . Oh, wait. . .



Diesel..whether you believe in Hell and Heaven or not doesn't change the fact of it being a real place. Maybe that billboard is a little over the top..but who spoke of Hell in the Bible and the fact that we should avoid it?..God:Jesus Christ Himself!
When I die..If I am wrong about Hell,Heaven and Jesus Christ...I have lost nothing...I live a good life and enjoy the best it has to offer by following Christ. If I am right..I have gained everthing though!
When YOU die..If YOU are right..you have lost nothing by believing in Christ BUT if you are wrong....YOU have lost everything! Make sure you have the correct decision made!
And also..don't worry: if you are wrong..and there is a heaven and hell...God will not pull you into heaven kicking and screaming against your will! He wants people in Heaven who love Him and want to be there with Him. He is just. He will let you go to Hell..its your choice afterall.


I've decided that you are probably a pretty decent guy. Misguided politically, but you would probably be fun to hang around. Read more, think often, and you and you will probably move more to my way of thinking (couldn't help a little patronizing!!!).
Come on. Join in the political fun. There are idiots to refute (iscariot, restless, lumpy, and kuri etc...). I'm always in need of more allies. Occasionally, we do change some minds. However, it is not always obvious. When we make telling points, the anti-Americans, democrats, and other idiots, will change the subject completely. Take a peek at any of the political threads and you will see this in practice. Therefore, I'm saying, we usually win decisively (couldn't help myself!!!).


MONTROSEFAN: Bad call on Hell. Nobody can go to Hell with a Christian God. He forgives everything. Therefore any sinner will still wind up in paradise, whatever he does. Case closed. ;ppp


US=GG, like I said, I was doing just that long before most of you ever found this board. I've seen it all here and know how 99% of the discussions will turn out.

I could be eating in the time it would take me to post a long, well thought out answer that won't change anybody's mind about anything. And I'm a hungry boy. :slight_smile:


US=GG You have a point. If nobody joins in, propangadists can go on without any counter arguments and feel justified (along the lines of Manifest Destiny). Those who read the post, in some manner, are interested anyway.

Whatever the position, I believe a counter-balance gives readers options. How they delve further in the subject is their choice afterwards.

Worst case, you have two points of view instead of one, which leaves the door open for possible mental evolution in people ready for it.


Heck, if I absolutely had to choose in any religion, it would be Norse mythos. The Pantheon is diverse, seems less wimpy. Getting escorted by Valkyries upon one`s death seem to be a far cooler way to die. =0D