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For All You People Using The Sun... Pay Up


Now this is a businesswoman.


This is pretty damn funny


I feel embarrassed.


I ain't paying. She can shut the fucker off after giving me a non payment notice. D




This is the kind of thing that only a person not getting laid would do.


I wonder how much she paid for it


Im gonna have to let the chief know I cant go to work tomorrow. I cant afford my sun bill this month....damn it.


I actually dont use it. It sucks.


I'll even say I hate the sun.


LMAO I loved that too. Someone said "With ownership comes responsiblity."


You are going to have one low Sun Bill Count.


She can keep the sun, but I own the conduit through which the energy is transmitted.

If anything, she owes me for allowing her to use it. If I don't get paid soon, she's getting a shut off and final billing notice.



that's actually pretty funny, and while a noble idea. Will never get her anything. She should have bought the cowboys domain name when it was vacant, there was a get rich quick idea that no one caught.


If we all moon her, that'll eclipse the bitch.


Want to in together on the Moon? It sounds like a fantastic investment opportunity.


Shes not stupid, she knows the law.


She looks bangable in that second pic. I would rail her in the ass while yelling "I am the sun!"


I think the article said that the moon is taken.
Maybe one of Mars' moons are up for grabs though.