For All You Guys Asking about Libido

Read my last post in this thread: Boron - All My Patients Use It and So Should You - #96 by physioLojik

Higher t doesn’t reduce shbg. Higher insulin lowers shbg. So we have to look at way more than testosterone levels - that being said, there is a seemingly large desire here to major in the minors. I can get super specific and start talking about patients having mutations in COMT which a lot of you do which is why you have issues with libido and a non working dick but none of you guys want to deal in neurotransmitters - only in f’ing testosterone and anti e and HCG (l most guys who contact me and see me in person want to use HCG to have larger testicle size as if it fucking matters). Deal with the basics first. 2x versus 3x a week injections are not going to matter. You guys are mentally telling yourself it’s going to help with stuff when in fact it’s not your damn frequency that’s doing a damn thing

All of you guys going to TRT chop shops - ask your doctor about COMT and listen to silence. Yet these are the things that really figure out success or failure with hormone therapy. Also ask them about mutations in MTHFR and here the same thing.

Your libido is indirectly tied to testosterone yet directly tied to dopamine and serotonin. You guys are chasing your tails.

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I take it this is why people have trouble with ED and libido while on 19-nor compounds? The effects they have on neurotransmitters?

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You got it.

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So essentially what your saying is from a TRT perspective in most cases libido has zero to do with hormone levels (providing they are with normal range). Does this apply in any way to cycling or purely TRT?

It applies to both. People tend to chase the wrong shit.

I didnt get exactly what you are saying but since like day 3 of sustanon only cycle, my libido and sex drive has increased several times of natural level

I am age 32 by the way

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I did read your last few posts bro. Still a bit confused, you’re saying its more neurotransmitter related. I totally agree.

I have ED even on TRT and I no longer think its hormone related. It could very well be neurotransmitter related, what would be my next protocol?

I already take methylated B6, multi vits, Vit e and D, Biotin. Would adding 5-htp help? I do get anxiety regularly, mainly associated with caffeine use.

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@Singhbuilder hey brother :slight_smile: try 5htp pre bed.

Email me. Link in bio.

Is there a more laymonds term way to explain all of this, so are you saying Boron on cycle would improve issues with ED and Libido if the issue is neurological?

But 5HTP is a direct precursor to serotonin, which is inhibitory I thought?

Wouldn’t that be the wrong neuro to want to increase?

Actually no. Relaxation is one of the prerequisites for libido and erection. Serotonin and dopamine work hand in hand. Dopamine is more involved with orgasm. Serotonin reduces anxiety and allows focus on sexual ideas and actions. Perhaps you’re thinking of gaba.



I have both COMT and MTHFR. I’m ++ on both. What do you recommend for your patients that have these genetic snps?

whats the reasoning for this?

@physioLojik - hey man … was rereading this info. i am in the early phases of beginning TRT and i must be an above average responder as low dose Test took me from terrible levels across the board to “blast levels” in 8 weeks (initially - test 122, E 3.2 … 8 weeks in: Test +1500, E 66) and that was on 120 Cyp per week.

The reason i am chiming in is i appreciate your unique perspective on this and wanted to ask you why - pretty much my whole life - i have had what i consider a low libido (even in puberty) but about a decade ago i took an OTC “test booster” that had the PH superdrol in it that ramped up my libido to insane levels. I have never experienced anything like that before or after. Even now on “blast levels” of testosterone I dont feel anything like that. My libido is still low honestly, but there have been a lot of positives since i began - libido just isnt one of them.

With all that said - what do you think was the cause of this libido spike when i took this PH? I started a thread on here months ago asking about the dopamine connection with test … how one influences the other etc. I realize the libido formula is a complex one and not just a “test” thing.

Hey bud thanks for the kind words. It’s possible the PH ramped up your DHT. if you have access to a DUTCH study we could see the pathways your test was being converted etc. email me for details. @finkle_is_einhorn. Also. Laces out. Haha

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Superdrol is methyldrostanolone (2a-17a dimethyl dihydrotestosterone), if it’s impacts on mental state and wellbeing are similar to that of masteron it probably gives a nice spike in dopamine, potentially contributing to the raging libido you encountered as libido is partially regulated via mesolimbic pathway.

Superdrol is supposedly the best shit out there (if you can handle it and don’t mind having the lipid profile of a morbidly obese, type 2 diabetic who drinks a keg every day and smokes two packs of cigarettes for breakfast lunch and dinner). Lean, dry gains, glycogen retention, vastly enhanced nutrient partitioning, stage 4 hypertension, high libido, bloody urine from extreme renal strain… Wonderful compound

(granted the negatives are entirely up to individual reaction aside from the lipid profile… Lipids will be fooken trashed. I just added the negatives in to pretend like they were positives for comical effect)

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@unreal24278 @physioLojik

Thanks guys -

here is some more info on the compounds in the “supplement” i took back then - its called super tren by atlas nutrition

Here are the ingredients:

Serving Size 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container 60

Amount Per Serving:
Super Drol- 12mg

Tren- 40mg

Caffeine- 100mg
Milk thistle- 150mg
Nac- 100mg
Aakg- 200mg

how much damage can this drug do to the kidneys? and how does it do its damage? Is it just a BP thing?

is there a specific brand of 5 htp that you recommend? I am trying to get off of antidepressants and have heard wonderful things about 5 htp but so far I’ve had no luck. I have tried the nature’s finest and another brand (can’t remember the name) but had no relief from it. Or perhaps do you have some other supplements that you recommend for this instead. I have depression and social anxiety

Be careful mixing SSRIs and 5-HTP at the same time. My shrink was not against using it, but he was strongly against using them in an overlapping role while I tapered off of one and on to the other.

FTR I did not use it, so I have no further information for you*