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For All You Bad Momma's Out There


I'd like to know if any of you fit Momma's have conceived while training hard? Or what concessions did you make to get pregnant, if any?

My husband and I have been trying for #1 for a while now. 2 years (I'm 28, he's 29). We have had one false start, miscarrying last December.

When we began our journey and I kicked my BCP's to the curb I got a lil surprise. At the time I was training for my yoga certification and sustaining on a very meager vegan diet. I didn't get my period for almost 6 months. I was elated to get it back, then we got pregnant about 6 months later. I had a D&C at almost 3 months for a missed miscarriage. It sucked.

Fast forward to now. I train pretty hard and pride myself on being healthy. I average 3 strength sessions (maxing out) and about 20 hours on the bike. Although I'm wondering if I am standing in my own way with our pregnancy adventure.

Did you conceive while carrying a "heavy" fitness load or did you consciously lighten up on your training and intensity? I get very grumpy when I go cold turkey off working out, but I will do anything to take this step.



I’ve never been pregnant, but my friend who is a competitive bencher made very few concessions to conceive and during pregnancy. She actually had an incline bench workout, then checked herself into the hospital the same day for her scheduled inducement. She also saved a dude killing himself with 135 or so on the flat bench when she was 8 months pregnant by rowing the weight up. She competed at Bench Nationals while pregnant, but not showing.

Another friend lifted throughout her pregnancy, although she cut heavy squats and deadlifts toward the end.


I got pg while lifting heavy, lol…not at the same time though, HAHA!!

Actually I had lightened up on the training a bit, I wasn’t getting pg, so I said screw it and started lifting heavy again…and ta-da!!

I remember one session feeling like I had worked extra hard…turns out I was already pg and didn’t know it…

I think as long as you keep track of your cycles and your timing is good, there shouldn’t be a problem…

All the best!


Unless you have a pre-existing physical limitation, it’s NOT the heavy lifting that’s the culprit. It’s not the 20+ hours on the bike, either.

Your overall reproductive health takes a BIG hit when you lose your periods. This is nature’s way of telling you that your bodyfat is too low, and you’re not healthy enough to carry a baby.

Your body is still recovering from this. Some women take longer than others. A very few have trouble and never fully recover, especially those with eating disorders.

It’s never the exercise or intensive training that causes a female athlete to stop her periods, as long as her diet is in check. Make sure you’re eating healthy foods, and eating enough of them. You body was meant to move and lift for survival. It wasn’t meant for starvation.

So eat, lift and stop worrying.
Good luck.