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For All You AI Preachers


Right on brother!



You do not look like that guy, you don’t know the difference between your/you’re, and your grammar is atrocious. If you ARE that guy, then there was some merit to the threads bashing doctors in here after all.


dammit, I think I’ve fallen for a troll again… FUCK, what, this is only like the 123599485934825897th time this month


Does that positions perks include unlimited binkies?

Seriously man, let it go. I know some people tend to feel inferior and want to show more educated and credentialed people that they can smart real good to, but your efforts are misdirected.


Whenever you’re all done here, would someone mind turning off the lights on the way out?


No thank you, I just made popcorn.


It’s like whos got the bigger dick fight.but ones got a pussy


if you don’t turn off the lights the electricity bill is higher



To second physio’s recommendation, magnesium works very well to aid in sleep. The only down side is higher ingested doses can cause diarrhea. Search for a magnesium spray on Amazon called “Ease”. This product works great and is absorbed transdermally so this problem is avoided altogether.


@Mod_Phoenix @Chris_Colucci I urge you to ban @verne for his out-of-line messages, threatening (perhaps indirectly) another member on this forum. He broke a couple of your forum rules. Even mentioning how another members medical license is in jeopardy. This will harm your forum and scare members away.

All member - like this message to show forum director you support my request.

Cycle Log Coming

I think we all just need to calm down and acknowledge others’ opinions and experience and be a little more accepting of the same.

There is a way to disagree with others’ views respectfully.


I agree but he crossed the line with this.


I think there is a lot of one-upping on here. Who knows more. Who’s the smartest, etc.

In reality we’re all different and have luck with varying spectrums of protocols. Some may need lower e2, so in that regard, KSMAN is a god send for his experience. Some have better luck with more e2, so physio has great input.

A wise man will listen to each and just observe. Not bicker about who is better or more knowledgeable.


oh jesus. this is what I get to read on a Monday morning, lol.


HAH, it’s Tuesday here. I’m in the future, the winning lottery numbers are #######


Okay! That was funny! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Logging in like https://media.giphy.com/media/ygqMjv2x8KSxW/giphy.gif


First let me say that I am NOT a Dr. I am not even that smart when it comes to medical things.

Take this post with a grain of salt BUT…

I just joined this forum. It took me about 30 seconds of reading physioLojix’s post to know for a fact that he knows WAY more than I do. It took me another 5 seconds to realize that I’m not the only one that feels this way. It took me all of about 2 words of your first post verne to realize that you have problems. If you are who YOU say you are , then your 60+ year looking profile pic and self proclaimed credentials of CEO of UCLA blah blah are completely contradictory to your 7 year old mental capacity in social interaction.

I’m not trying to bash you at all sir. I don’t know you. I don’t know anyone on here. I’m just responding to what I’m reading here. It seems that you have made a serious preemptive assumption before you fired your first shot. That is, that people come on this forum looking for certified diagnosis from people who claim to be doctors, and that that advice should be somehow come with a guarantee with the option of suing for malpractice if the advice is followed and the results don’t quite work out.

I assure that if that is the case, then there appears to be quite the conundrum in the fact that the ENTIRE memeber pool on this forum are complete idiots! That being the case, you are a member are you not? That puts you in this pool as well. You have to realize that when you make the types of statements that you have made, and call out someone who is obviously well learned on this subject, then you are indirectly insulting every member of this forum who believes that what he says has merit. You are calling them mindless zombies who will take life or death advice from any given stranger, and act on it without thought with any consequences be damned.

Quite the contrary, I believe that it is NOT the case, that every person who praises Lojik is an idiot. You see, I truly think that the doc is giving most people here the benefit of the doubt that they are NOT stupid, and that they would verify anything he says, or at least only apply it as concerns to their own personal situations based on whatever their numbers are.

It comes down to one thing…assumptions. You assume everyone here that doesn’t claim to be a dr is an idiot that will follow anyone who DOES make that claims advice blindly. physioLojix assumes that everyone here is smart enough to take his advice and apply it how they see fit for themselves. You see the difference?

I would very much hate to see you go Lojik. I think you, at the very least, make people stop and think about what they are doing before they do stupid things. I think you also give them options for when they have already done stupid things to get back to normal. You will probably never be able to truly quantify the people you have helped and will probably never know the depths of the pits that you have helped to pull some of them out of.

Anyway…this is my 2-cents from a dumbass since this thread seems to be so abundant in that category.


@bmbrady77 nicely said man! I agree :100:% with you.


I think it’s time we stop ripping on the guy, we have pointed out what we perceive to be his wrongdoing but now in my opinion it seems as if we are becoming the antagonists of this story, there’s no justice to be done when everyone is ganging up on an individual who lacks support, I think we should all let it go, let bygones be bygones, hopefully in the future the individual won’t start fights with individuals who don’t deserve it.