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I am just curious. What do you guys with anxiety do to address inflammation? IMO it goes hand in hand. For me it’s a huge factor.


Have you guys all had comprehensive food sensitivities tests? Done elimination diets?


Elimination diets yes. Food sensitivity test no, but would like to get one done this year. That along with an ANA test.


Did anything you eliminated work for you? I think I may have issues with tomatoes and I know I have issues with dairy. Also, what kind of inflammation are you experiencing?


Stop listening to songs haha. Try meditation and work on your psyche.

There are underlying reasons why we can’t sleep as well. It’s not always the body. Allot of us are bombarded all day and the brain is always on.

Shutting the brain off is a vital skill. Learned the hard way.

I do it by letting go of my fears and trying to use breathing and meditation. I can’t control what’s already happened nor can I see into the future. This be in the moment and breathe it all out… that’s how I got myself to sleep.


Good advice.

I listen to music in the morning before work at the gym and then it’s sports talk radio.

I should try meditating.


Ya I could do More myself :slight_smile:


This is golden. @enackers. Extremely good advice.


Do you know which neuro tests are worth doing? Would love to hear your opinion.

I have low Ferritin and high Prolactin so I’m guessing low Dopamine.


Everything I’ve read says that both urine and saliva tests are useless in assessing neuro levels.

Research “low serotonin” etc and see where you fall. There are also tests online with questions that help point you in the right direction.


Yeh think we had the same discussion about a month ago lol. Will have a look, but symptoms for one neurotransmitter seem to cross over with all the others.


A few things have. Gluten free did nothing. Diary, eggs, sugar and chocolate are okay in small quantities. Certain types of chicken ( I am assuming it is an additive or something they process it with) And oddly enough, one of my peeps has a water softener and I can’t drink the water. Aome supplements.
Other than that, chemicals seem to be the other problem. Wrong hair gel or shampoo breaks me out, wrong toilet paper, breaks me out, wrong cleaner etc…

The inflammation is just from life, lifting, allergies. I am learning to watch for the subtle signs to head it off before I get bat shit crazy.


We have similar problems, I see that around here a lot. Chocolate makes me break out like crazy the day after eating it, so does dairy. It could be a coincidence but I’m used to taking fish oil everyday and ever since I ran out I feel great. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells food-wise these days.

Funny you mention chicken, my sister in-law is allergic to it along with gluten and dairy.


I understand the egg shells. People think I am nuts! Nope, I just know how I feel. If it makes me feel like shit, I ain’t doing it!

I was highly allergic to chocolate as kid. Then somehow grew out it.


Nah, you’re not nuts, I think there’s something to this stuff. I’m having allergy testing done soon as my ENT says my turbinates are still swelled shut even after he put me on 3 different medications for it.


Hopefully you can figure what is causing it. Three different meds doesn’t sound fun at all!


With regard to food sensitivities, for most of my life I suffered form IBS and seemed to react badly to random foods. I spent a lot of money of food sensitivity tests and only a few issues showed up. (Milk and some beans) I decided to cut out dairy and pretty much all processed foods and within a month or so my IBS went away and I felt much better. The other thing I seed to have an issue with was tap water and some beers. I think many people have issues with all the crap used to process foods and drinks. I can now have dairy now and again and my body is fine with it.

So if you can I’d try avoiding any processed foods and dairy and see how you feel (;


Damn bro, now I have to avoid tap water as well? Lol


I do in my little town in the summer. When the river gets low and it’s hot they heavily treat the water.


Well I do have a Berkey filter. I was just getting ready to sell it too. Guess I’ll just start using it again, can’t hurt.