For All You AI Preachers

You are always so negative, full excuses and justifications. Cant you just take it that people may know more than you? I have lurked this forum for 6 months, biting my tongue, but you are like that old grumpy neighbor always yelling at them damn kids to get of my lawn. Every post you write starts off talking shit about some DR who you dont even know the first thing. In the Marines we called your types SEA LAWYERS. Know it alls who dont know jack shit, they just regurgitate what they have been told or read. With all due respect, NO Offense. I am done being an asshole rant over


Congenital anosmia is possible for sure. The puberty occurring tells me it’s unlikely Kallmann. Is his smelling improving even slightly as he ages? I would recommend a total chemistry workup just to rule everything out. I appreciate you ruling things out. If it were my daughter i would do the same. It is possible to have Kallmann and still begin puberty - it will just not complete correctly. So I would def go with a full workup and then let’s go from there.

Not even over 9000, beginner. JK Thats literally almost 10 times my T amount, and still 10 points lower than my E2.

The whole over 9000 is a meme.

Ok. So I will see pediatric Endocrinologist.
Apparently he never smelled since birth cause he does not know what coffee, peanut better , lemon smells like. Being he never smelled it was normal to him. But now that he’s older it came about that he was commenting on others people comments about smell. He can’t smell a shitty bathroom, etc. ENT put the smelling salts under his nose he immediately smell that. I put menthol Under his nose he smells that.
Anything else in addition to what I stated above like a match being extinguished can not.

Here’s the labs I want to see in addition to Dr.

Total t
Metabolic panel
Lipid panel
Iron panel
Thyroid panel
Anything else @physioLojik

Nice work man. These look good. This is of course out of abundance of caution. The good news is that whatever it is we will solve it! @anon10230041

Appreciate your time.

@anon10230041 don’t mention it. You guys are like brothers to me. Also, being a dad is the most important job there is. So kudos.

Sea lawyer. I like that. @newbvet

Your so right man. I could not stay away from this forum cause when the sea lawyers are telling 21 year olds to spend $$$$ to a private trt Dr when they should be going to an Endocrinologist esp at that age. There are so many variables, conditions, and the sea lawyers sees 1 lab and says “oh when you go on trt inject eod cause ur shbg is low.”
F insane.

Meanwhile the sea lawyers are not even fucking dialed in !!!

I was attempting to show that you have to treat the individual, everyone is different. You can’t have a cookie cutter rule that applies across the board, there are always circumstances that force you to treat everyone different.

I simply inform guys the sad state of androgen therapy is lagging behind and men are suffering, guys need to know what they are up against.

I give them exactly that so that they can make a better-informed decision. I get compliments from those that I help and the important thing is I was able to help and that’s why I’m here.

I don’t disagree with everything physioLojik has to say, I backup a lot of his plays. However I’m not going to agree on everything.

No offense taken.

Point taken, but your every post literally start, TRT DR’s, ENDO’s, etc, are shit, they are stupid, they dont get taught Horomones, blah blah blah. Too me all the good information you could pass on gets overshadowed by your lack of tact and how you approach every other newb that comes to this board desperate for information. I am not denying your knowledge or dedication to these forums.

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Thanks man. I have seen the light and I am a new person. So much shit fixed by just getting that T a bit higher (well tripling it or more). Im watching your log over on Pharma too.

I am one of those AI preachers of whom you speak. Well, I was. You’re starting to convince me that I was wrong. For that piece of insight I thank you.


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Feel free to skip over my posts, nobody is forcing you to read my posts.

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Here’s how I see it. You provide insight but you make exceptionally broad and generalized statements based on not nearly enough data. Statements like “most doctors” or “most guys” would infer that you’ve had exposure to thousands of doctors or patients and not just your own. Also giving advice when you are also not “dialed in(as you guys say)” is silly. It’s like an overweight trainer giving diet advice. Sharing your experiences is one thing - saying things like “most doctors blah blah” is just stupid as are most extremely generalized statements. @systemlord


You’re super welcome man

Dumb question, but why don’t guys on cycles do e3d dosing ?

Why are they always 1 shot per week of test?

I do two shots a week due to volume. But generally I do one a week on replacement dosages. Granted I replace with 300 mg a week so the active drugs in the system remain high.

typical first cycle is a shot of test e3.5 days

Is it possible that I need higher test levels to achieve libido? My numbers in other areas look good.

TT high 800s and ft is upper levels.

Maybe I need TT >1000 to feel something?

Possible but more likely it’s not testosterone that’s your issue. Do you have other labs? Sorry but I can’t remember your case