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For All You AI Preachers


I agree. And it wasn’t a blanket statement. It was fact.

But I certainly agree a lot of our issues are neurotransmitter in nature. Which can be manipulated w trt.

Are there any reliable ways to figure out if one is lacking or producing too much serotonin? I asked my dr about tests and he dismissed my idea.

I did find Buspirone to help a tiny bit with libido but the longer it’s taken the effects diminish. It’s an agonist of a specific serotonin receptor.


It was a fact, however it was also an irrelevant statement when we consider how the body functions, if we were to isolate the effects estrogen has on physiology then it’s a legitimate statement, however saying estrogen does X Without looking at the effects of other hormones is a blanket statement.


Never had a liver panel. I see my primary in feb and will request.


@roscoe88 not to beat an issue - but raising serotonin doesn’t always decrease libido or erections. In many patients with anxiety they present low serotonin. Raising their serotonin will lower their anxiety and increase their erection quality. Also - there are a few urine tests available to test neuros.


@physioLojik hey physio, how would someone raise their seratonin? I have anxiety and slight depression and I think lack of seratonin is a part of it. Any natural ways? It’s funny because I had crippling anxiety years ago and thought about doing something a little unorthodox for treatment. 100mg MDMA(wasn’t my first time) and behold, the VERY next day my daily “general” anxiety decreased 90% as did my daily panic attacks. I really do believe it is a possible cure for anxiety/depression. I wish there would be more studies… but back to the question, how does someone raise seratonin ?


Thank you.

I’ve always been an anxious person. I’ve debated trying an antidepressant to increase circulating serotonin but have been afraid of the sexual side effects. But in that respect, I have no sex drive to lose.

Is there a specific antidepressant you’d think
I may try? I could mention to my dr


I use Fluoxetine, thing is which SSRI you use will be determined by how you react to the drugs and hepatic function (many SSRI’s are metabolized via CYP2d6 enzyme, I’m an extreme hyper Cyp2d6 metabolizer, I take 60mgs of Fluoxetine a DAY!), Many SSRI’s have the potential to cause QT prolongation (potentially dangerous, QT prolongation can cause arrythmias like torsades de pointes which can deteriorate into vfib although Fluoxetine and paroxetine appear to be very low risk with this regard. The extreeeemely low potential for serotonin syndrome exists, thus monitering is crucial, don’t take MDMA with SSRI’s lol… Actually just don’t take MDMA at all.

I’ve never noticed sexual sides from SSRI use, however I personally don’t think I need to be on such a high dose of Fluoxetine.


I’ve always thought I had high serotonin as I’m
Prone to anxiety and insomnia.

Just wondering if I’m actually LOW and would respond positively to an ssri sexually.

I have zero sex drive.


I love the way you put it.


I feel you here man, anxiety is a fucking asshole. For me the inclusion of a beta blocker to help with sympathetic nervous system dysfunction significantly helped (and it wasn’t my intended use for the beta blocker), since anxiety has both physiologic and psychological responses, they can both feed into each other like a vicious cycle/ feedback loop. So blunting the physiologic responses of anxiety (and sympathetic nervous system dysfunction) has almost eliminated my anxiety, it’s great, that and spending time with friends in America helped a lot.

It took me a while to get my sex drive back, I had no sex drive for nearly 2 years, now my sex drive is unbelievably high again, I feel like I did when I was 12-13! It’s insane. But if you have neuro problems then it’s gonna be almost impossible to correct a lack of sex drive without getting that fixed first.


Some more fuel for the Anti-E2 fire:


man, I used to love love LOVE spicy foods. My gut just does not tolerate it anymore. I haven’t been able to handle very spicy foods for maybe… 6 or 7 years. It sucks. I’m also an idiot about it from time to time. Like, I know my body will reject it later. But about once a month or so I’ll order some food I know I’m going to regret.


Worth it?


So for whatever it’s worth I took about 500mg tryptophan before bed and slept like a baby. Lots of dreams too. Both things are something I never get.

Perhaps my serotonin is just low? I have read excerise uses a lot of tryptophan in serotonin production to expend during workout and therefore your body could be low.


@roscoe88 I think you’re on to something bud. :wink:


Same with me and malva pudding… And fudge… And cheesecake, donuts, chocolate, candy and so on.


Just as a note - it can take the brain two YEARS to realize changes in neurotransmitters after hormonal intrruptions. Not just the deca or tren changes either - when an AI is introduced longer term (lets say 3 months) it can then take 1 plus year to get the levels back to base. The danger of what I see so much are you guys chasing around numbers on a blood test which show zero of the neuro Effects. I adjust dosages after three MONTHS of static. I see guys on here adjusting dosages after fucking one blood draw. Give your body time to adjust!


So true. I did the same thing during the first year. i think the 6 week timeframe we push around here should be 10 weeks.


keep us updated. am following cause my wife is a teacher high stress and she needs something.


Will do.

I never sleep solidly or dream and last night was way different.

I have no trouble falling asleep. It’s mostly I can’t sleep deeply enough or long enough. And I constantly have songs in my head. Horrible.