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For All You AI Preachers


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Systems of a Down
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Almost forgot Slipknot

Anything that is like Fuck the world, in your face, fuck you come at me


For just straight up rock n roll Godsmack fits that bill.


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Come on man…there are only TWO ballads on their latest album. :smiley: I’m all over the map. I could listen to Dolly Parton and then Jucifer.


So I was thinking I have 3 private doctors that have been treating me for Low T and I am still not dialed in and it has been going on 2 years. I am 30 now but when all the symptoms started to happen it was very acute and onset so I feel like there is something else that mite be going on but I don’t know what to do every endocrinologist that I’ve seen just look at me with a blank stare as if they don’t know what todo. Then when I tell them that I am already on testosterone they tell me I should come off all meds but then they don’t have a answer for me once I come off the meds so I have no idea what kind of doctor I should see or even what to say without them looking at me like I have a Psy logical prowplem


That user Anon is actually me. At 1 point i wanted off this forum and asked t-nation to delete my account so my old old post have that designation.

And I do not remember your story or details of your situation


Truth! I’ve never taken an AI in my near seventeen years of using TRT.




I’ve used it briefly because of a preacher on here cause “I needed e2 = 22.” And regret ever using it.


I struggled for a few years up and down chasing numbers, again it was from advice on this board. It was reading these posts by Physio, and remembering back to my first load of cycles when I didn’t run any AI and felt great.
All my issues for past few years: ( been on steroids for around 15 years )

Looked about 60 years old, Zero libido, limp noodle, dry flaky skin and so on… Then episodes of sitting tearing up over a lion eating a baby hippo, fucks that all about lol.

The strange thing is I had actually been using Arimidex for the past 7 years, and its only been these last 2-3 years all these problems flair up. All my problems faded away after discontinuing AI over around 5-6 weeks. I am just glad I stuck to it. Cant believe how I managed them past few years. I have even ramped it up to 500mg again and feel great, no AI.

You go on most steroid boards online and the majority are preaching the AI use on TRT doses. The internet is littered with it, and its mostly the guys saying “I don’t need an AI” that get flamed

I wonder how I did ok on it for the first few years? My system just started hating it.


My estradiol has been double that and I’ve never had a symptom. Most men with normal T values will not have a problem with abnormally high E. I use 100 mg T per week and 1000 IU three times per week.

There’s also a myth about leydig cell burnout from too much HCG. It’s never been proven.



Do you ever advise use of ai in trt? For instance, for one who’s e2 gets high even on lower levels of test due to low shbg?


Neal Rouzier and @physioLogik got me thinking about this and, as an experiment, I discontinued anastrozole several months ago, figuring I would jump back on if/when high E2 symptoms appeared. Before and after E2 labs results with both IA and LC/MS/MS methods:



My E2 levels typically ran in the high teens to low 20s. Currently, I have fairly high E2 obviously, regardless of which test you want to rely upon. Side effects? Zero, if anything, I feel better overall. Benefits? Cholesterol has dropped, 200 to 164. My joints feel better than they have in years, especially knees. No pain, none. Even my first set of squats is painless, going up and down stairs is painless. Given my age and history, I did not expect this.


Actually my doc only gives an AI to those with extraordinarily high E levels AND symptoms of high E. he does not go by numbers alone.


I agree everyone’s different. That’s what the forum masters of knowledge always say… so why change the tune all of a sudden…


Im not following. Change tune?


Sorry let me clarify. It seems there is not a one size fits all method and I feel the same applies here.



Do you ever advise use of ai in trt? For instance, for one who’s e2 gets high even on lower levels of test due to low shbg?


This should be in this thread:


That was a very interesting video. I watched that not long back from another thread. Debunks a few myths ( bro science ) or outdated research that’s still the gospel truth in most places.