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For All You AI Preachers


Great point but let me interject this thought…

Being able to last longer via practice and control is way more productive to a relationship than lasting a long time because you can barely feel it. Also, eventually that “barely feeling it” thing will bite you in the dick and leave you on top of your woman in mid session trying to figure out why your noodle went limp all of a sudden. Trust me, you don’t want to ever have to face that. It will crush your ego, and at the same time, (and I don’t care how well you explain it) your girl will think it’s because she doesn’t do it for you anymore.

You have to remember that SHE needs to feel like she drives you over the edge, and every now and then, a “premature ejaculation” is just the thing she needs to stroke HER ego! Now that can’t be the norm, but when it happens every now and then, believe me…your woman feels like the sex queen of the world!


I live by a creed that says every man is free to believe as he wishes. I won’t argue religion because I vehemently agree that religion is a man made concept. I do believe in God but religion, not so much. If you read the texts outside of the context of what man has interpreted them to be, and take them for face value, then it makes much more sense.

On that note, I don’t particularly agree with homosexuality, but it’s not for me to say one way or the other what is right or wrong. I find the whole concept is completely contrary to reason and logic. If you think about it, there really is no possibility for “male on male”, or even “female on female” intercourse. A man cannot reach sexual orgasm without penetration. A female cannot reach sexual orgasm without penetration, though women can achieve euphoric outlets via clitoral stimulation, it’s not TRULY an orgasm. Therefore, if penetration is required, then one has to portray the part of the “female” orifice (whether that be your hand or another mans ass or mouth or whatever) and the other has to be the “male”. Same with women. Something has to play the part of the male, whether it be the other woman’s fingers, tongue, or a dildo. So in reality, I don’t care if it’s two guys or two girls, one or the other is having to portray the role of the opposite sex to have intercourse…So even if one chooses to prefer the companionship of someone of the same sex, they really aren’t “homosexual” in the strictest sense of the “sex” part! Lol

I know I’m going down rabbit hole here but it’s one of those “have you ever really thought about it” things.


So you don’t agree with the concept of homosexuality or the concept of being gay? I must disagree with regards to an orgasm requiring penetration, nocturnal emmisions don’t require penetration, they happen in an individual’s sleep. Secondly, clitoral stimulation can lead to orgasm, it may not be the same as an orgasm achieved through stimulation of the G spot, however I’d still argue it counts.

Thirdly, men have anal sex with women as well as men, the anus is an orifice both men and women have, some people prefer anal sex to vaginal sex, if the orifice used is a man’s anus (wow this is a strange conversation to be having on here), this isn’t replacing what is intended to be a female oriface, it’s simply a different way of going about intercourse.

From a biological perspective, the anus wasn’t designed for penetration, it was designed for excretion of waste, therefore an argument can be made there, however I’d argue back anal sex has been dated back to a very long time ago, I believe it was a method of contraception.

I agree with you on religion being a man made concept, it honestly baffles me when I see people still taking the texts literally despite the fact science clearly disproves the fundamentals of religion (Adam and Eve, the miracles etc) however each to their own


I have not read of one verified case of full blown orgasm in nocturnal emissions (though I admit I’m not the be all end all authority here) lol. It’s more of a seepage and that can happen just based on arousal whether you’re sleeping or not. It still doesn’t count as an orgasm.

It counts as a pleasurable action, but i can say this with almost 100% certainty. You show me any woman who is never given any other pleasure by another individual other than clitoral stimulation, and I’ll show you a woman who is (or eventually will be) cheating on that individual, or at the very least spending a good bit of “quality time” alone with a dildo!! Lmao!

Point very well stated but you have to understand that I’m differentiating male vs female, not man vs woman. An orifice by definition is female. A potrusion by definition is male. The comparison is more about the physical state rather than masculinity vs femininity.

No shit!! But you gotta admit it’s a nice break from all the @verne bullshit! Hey, at the very least, we can be an example of how to disagree in a civil manner! Lol


I’ve actually woken up mid orgasm before, I can testify to that being true, used to happen a lot when I was about 10

Seepage during arousal is typically pre ejaculatory fluid, it’s clear and slippery, it’s supposed to act as lubricant for sexual intercourse, nocturnal emmision involves proper ejaculation taking place.

I’m not sure what was up with Vern, I don’t understand his logic, is it possible he was trying to joke around and we misinterpreted it? Bumping a thread 18 days later to call me a stupid fan boy seems odd, I’m thinking he was either a troll or someone who didn’t agree with physiolojik yet failed to disagree in a civil or mature way. His adding fake identities didn’t help his cause at all given he gave his exact supposed position for where he worked… This is easy to cross reference so one can see it isn’t true


I’d bet my life savings that you were dreaming about penetration though! Lol


Kate Upton


Nailed it! Lmao! Been fun my friend but I gotta get some sleep (it’s very late here in the states).

Keep it real brother!



You mentioned gettting a burst of libido on a higher test dosage. What is your protocol again?

Also, is it just an increase in attraction to women or is it a better arousal response? Or both?

I have the attraction part just fine but lacking the arousal response.


I think maybe he was trying to say we can pretend to be whoever we want to pretend to be. There is no way to prove or disprove it. There is no way to tell he isn’t actually that guy.


Sure thing @unreal24278 I’ll share my opinion

I believe physio is who he says he is, it’s not just taking his advice at face value, it’s the fact that to make up the person’s persona, trick everyone on the board, there’s no point in doing so, there would be absolutely no beneficial outcome for the individual, other than the fact he fooled a bunch of random guys on a forum, at which case, who cares lol. To add to this i see physiolojik routinely helping people, not giving bad or harmful advice. There’s nothing to be gained out of pretending to be an endocrinologist on an anonymous forum, it doesn’t net the individual any fame, however it’s very admirable what he is doing on here, giving solid advice to people despite the potential risks career wise while balancing his work, family, bodybuilding, and other recreational activities whatever they are. I respect the hell out of what physio is doing, it’s rare that I see people who legitimately want to help people for the sake of being nice/ wanting to help without expecting anything in return (I mean in practice the return is money, but advice on forums is free, physiolojik doesn’t get anything out of it yet he still helps out) and that, in my book is respectable as fuck.

:metal:stay legit @physiolojik, whoever you are (talking about your name and stuff, not whether you are an endocrinologist, I know you’re an endocrinologist)



what’s your protocol again and where is it putting your TT?


It’s attraction to women AND arousal that’s been increased. I can’t tell you what my TT is on my new protocal. I took 210mg for a week, then 250mg, now I have legitimate 160mgs weekly prescribed so I’m going down to that, it’s like a 50-60 percent increase so I’m going to see how it does. The 210-250mg doses had a large impact on my libido and energy. Spontaneous erections in class aren’t fun tho, feels like I’m 9 yrs old again.

However currently I’m taking some stuff on the basis that I’m an irresponsible idiot and… Bodybuilding yeeet… So… Florp


Thanks for posting. My dr. prescribes 150weekly and I can inject as frequent as I want.

I generally run 100mg a week and don’t get much response.

Post back how the 160mg works in regards to arousal.


I’ve tanked my e2 by eating lightly steamed broccoli everyday for lunch and also using warm lemon water.

CDG, DIM, Carnitine, and Tumeric/Curcumin have all caused me to TANK my e2.

Just because its “natural” doesn’t mean it isn’t potent.


Good points by alphagunner

I LIVE on bake veggies, especially brocc and brussel sprouts. Maybe I should cut them back. haha


I have been avoiding lowering my E2 at all costs, but it seems like its so easy for me. Is it because my free e2 is bound up by my high SHBG? Fuck.

Low e2 sucks.


Dont under-estimate the power of mental illness. I am not saying anyone here is mentally ill. BUT there are people who will create fake personas just for the purpose of feeling that connection to others. For instance, look at CatPhising. They fake everything, even stealing photos from others, just to feel connected.

I am not saying anyone has done that here, just examples that it has happened.


I have no idea. I have low SHBG. Below 20 usually. I eat a lot of almonds and other nuts. I have read that nuts lower SHBG. Not sure how true.


Yay post number 300. Creating a fake persona to connect with others? Why not just use your real persona, it’s an anonymous forum you can still talk to people regardless of who you are. However to my knowledge catphishing is usually done to scan people out of credit card details, money etc or by internet predators to lure people

My shbg also routinely tests below 20, however I’ve noticed SHBG tends to fluctuate a lot, I’ve had a test as high as 30 and as low as like 13

Plus once again, it’s an annonyamous forum, it’s not like one can connect with or make friends with people they don’t know, am I right? I think I’m right