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For All You AI Preachers


Arimidex or No arimidex???


Do tell.


Scroll up and look. Verne running his man pleaser, just got himself placed in a Seniors TimeOUT Zone


Good looking out. NO AI


Oh here we go. Another dude who thinks he dont need anti breast cancer medication. Are you out of your mind @newbvet?


Oh yeah, Saw that. LOL


To be honest it was physio and some others on here that stopped me from pursuing the T + HcG + AI from the get go. My E2 spiked up moderately and I was ready to jump the gun and thought I needed an AI right away or I was screwed. But after reading their posts and chilling out, I realized I was just fine.
I did drink a shit ton of Warm Lemon water though. Not even sure that did anything.


@Chris_Colucci I appreciate you, man.


I love you guys :slight_smile:


well this is UNFORGIVABLE!!! My fragile psyche has been crushed by this insult.

He doesn’t use his name to avoid getting arrested and/ or putting his career in jeopardy, admitting to steroid use is like painting a target on your back and wearing a cap with the words 'shoot me" on the back.

I do have another opinion, @Unreal24278, care to share your opinion?

I’m also in disagreement with many doctors, the long term effects of large doses of anabolic steroids are still misunderstood, therefore I am inclined to disagree with a medical professional when they say things like “anabolic steroids cause psychosis, hallucinations, liver cancer and definate severe heart damage”, it’s about opinion, have you heard about the doctor administering supraphysiologic doses of testosterone to patients with prostate cancer, I’m sure lots of doctors disagree with him too, but it seems there’s something to it, anyway why bump the forum like two weeks post arguement

MORE SAVAGE INSULTS, I don’t think I can recover from this one, aghhh


18 days. The post that you made that he replied to was 18 days old. Smh. He either needs more arimidex or less arimidex but he needs something because he seems to be in a foul mood. Are you on the arimidex @unreal24278?


Are you referring to Neal Rouzier?


no, I’ll check later, I think there’s a few papers published on the subject now though


No, I used arimidex, 1mg daily for 2+ years when I was younger to try offset premature closure of my ephysial plates, it caused a lot of problems


I’m going to try the AI one more time at 0.015 twice weekly since I over respond, found a compounding pharmacy that goes that low.

Wanted to inquire about tamoxifen and strokes, I can’t afford to have a stroke before my 50th birthday. I’m assuming all these studies on strokes are from women taking the drug and not men.


Yeah, the doses given to cancer patients are higher, similar to what I was being given when I was taking an AI. You should see the problems women with breast cancer encounter when being put on these drugs for prolonged periods of time, given I know a fair amount of women who have/ have had breast cancer, I can say with anecdotal (and evidence published in medical journals) that these drugs, although they slow/.stop the progression of ER positive breast cancer, have terrible, terrible side effects, although for women it’s literally like… menopause simulator lol, but I’m talking about the joint pain, bone pain and fractures that accompany long term use of these meds. Fuck, I bet if I hadn’t taken them as prescribed for so long I wouldn’t have screws in my ankle now!!! These aren’t medications that should be given out unless ABSOLUTELY required. I was looking at some literature suggesting the use of AI’s to treat hypogonadism and infertility… what the FUCK, hypogonadism treatment is about more than just boosting testosterone, normal TT levels and absolutely tanked E2 levels is no good!!!

AND that ankle still gives me shit when I run/hike/walk for long periods of time nearly 2+ years post op

@systemlord if you over respond why bother taking them, try a more natural approach to lower E2, what’s your current BF percentage? Diet?

@physioLojik I’ve def noticed a MASSIVE libido increase upon starting my higher dose of test, however I then got my TRT dose increased to 160mg weekly and it might be adequate with regards to doing the job of libido increase, so if I can get my script filled I’m gonna try that dose. I’ve been employing the dark arts of the internetus pornographus quite frequently, my question to you is, I’ve heard conflicting opinions on this, Is viewing pornographic material unhealthy? The surge of dopamine released when viewing pornography can’t be good right???


Does warm lemon juice work? Or does that only help remove E2 from the system? I know it doesnt block the conversion. I know it helps cleanse the liver,or so I have been told.


I’m 33% body fat, 233 lbs, 6ft (skinny+decent muscle) and weighed 160 through my 20’s, now I’m 233 lbs. I aromatase like crazy, knocked my estrogen down to 12 pg/mL, 10 days later it was 43 pg/mL and was only beginning to climb. My 50mg twice weekly got a TT 677 and FT 29 and E2 70!

A 20mg EOD protocol gets me to 496, FT 20.8 and E2 54. Been doing 10mg everyday and I feel high midday and like I’m coming down at night. Everytime I move injections close together, the swing feel more (sharp) intense.

I’m in the process of cleaning up my diet, A1C a week ago was 7.3% and morning blood sugar 161. Triglycerides was 331 or double the range.

Diet is steak, eggs, fresh chicken and cutting out as much processed foods as possible. Thrown out all crap food, no milk, replaced with almond milk.

I go to the gym to lift weights when I have energy, the BP spikes from E2 bouncing from high to low, low to high shuts me down at the gym.


I think the dopemine is coming from the “end result” lol!

Seriously though, I can tell you from experience that if you ever want a healthy relationship with a woman then you should keep the porn to a minimum. Over time it can create unrealistic expectations (even if they are subconscious) and leave you unable to be completely satisfied by a real woman. Very few women can actually live up to, nor would they rightfully want to live up to the hype of a multi million dollar production environment (and to be honest you probably wouldn’t want a relationship with a woman that could). It can desensitize you to certain degree. Also, the fact that the only reason to watch it is to have the “visual” while getting yourself off, means that the more you watch, the more you yank. That can lead to a desensitizing of the head and shaft nerves which will eventually make it very hard to get a full sense of pleasure and reach orgasm through normal penetration. There are WAY too many men out there that think they have ED, when in reality they have just whacked themselves senseless! Take it from me brother, your woman will NOT handle that very well, and neither will you! I get the whole being “young and horny” thing, and you just gotta release that tension. Just don’t abuse that and let it become a habitual, or even too much of a regular thing. That’s one monkey you don’t want hanging on your back if you ever want a truly satisfying relationship with a real woman. Anyway…fwiw.


it’s crazy I haven’t had libido like this in years! I thought I’d never get it back. When I was a kid 9-10 (graphic detail coming in here) I’d whack off 7-8 times a day, no joke it was ridiculous.

I’m able to do it with or without pornography, I’m also circumsized (Jewish tradition, family is modern orthodox, I identify as Jewish culturally but I don’t identify as religious as I don’t believe in the concept of religion, nor do I believe the stories, I believe religion is sets good fundamentals for individuals on how to behave, given that the texts aren’t interpreted in an extremist or realistic fashion, however many concepts of religion, an easy example being that a man shall not lie with another man, is outdated, there’s nothing wrong with being homosexual.), a few papers have shown circumsision may dcrease penile sensitivity and lessen the intensity of orgasm. I’m not complaining though, being able to last longer is better than premature ejaculation. However I probably won’t be circumsizing my child at birth, it should be up to the child whether they want it done or not.

Wait… Shit I just remembered I can’t have kids, might be a deal-breaker for some women as I get older…